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Rapa Nui – Hoka One One Runinng Shoe Product Review

  Rapa Nui.  No clue what it means but I can give you my interpretation in the same amount of characters:  Love ‘Em. It is no secret that I am a Hoka One One shoe wearer and unofficial brand ambassador.  I say unofficial because Hoka has not contacted me to write blog posts and deliver social media updates about my glowing and growing praise for the shoes.  This time around I will be giving you my review of the Rapa Nui, which is one of three shoes I recently purchased because they were all on clearance. At the time of the purchase the Stinson Tarmac that I had been … [Read More...]


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Vegetable Evangelist? Is that what I am?

Vegetable Evangelist.  Is this even a thing?  Maybe it is.  Maybe I am one of them.  Let’s take a step back to why I am contemplating this. Last week I was sent this article that was written by Matt Fitzgerald and titled The Case Against Vegetables by Jeff and at first I was a bit startled […]

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Keep Your Blanket {Statements} Objective

Yesterday as I was enjoying my daily lunch of a sunflower butter and jelly sandwich I came across an article on Triathlete Magazine by Pip Taylor titled What Should I Eat Before A Morning Workout.  Since I do 90% of my workouts before the sun comes up I was interested in what this article had to say. […]

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A-OK 50K Ultra Trail Run Race Report

A-OK was not on my radar, not even the periphery, prior to about two weeks ago.  I was introduced to this race by friends of Karen who are on a Facebook page called Dallas Dirt Runners.  The first time I saw A-OK I thought that it would be a great 50k supported training run for […]

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