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bucket challenge - ironman marathon - strategy

Bucket Challenge, Bucket List ….. Really Just Bucket Strategy

Bucket Challenge was all over the interwebs for a few weeks and seems to have become extinct but for me it is still holding steady but not because I want to pour ice over my head but as a strategy for racing Ironman Chattanooga. There is the simple comparison between the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and the marathon at the end of an Ironman and that would be:  It is going to hurt but I just have to do it.  For me, the bucket challenge became a racing strategy. I am not sure how this strategy came about and maybe it is because of all the Ice Bucket Challenge videos I was watching and had … [Read More...]


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Vegetable Evangelist? Is that what I am?

Vegetable Evangelist.  Is this even a thing?  Maybe it is.  Maybe I am one of them.  Let’s take a step back to why I am contemplating this. Last week I was sent this article that was written by Matt Fitzgerald and titled The Case Against Vegetables by Jeff and at first I was a bit startled […]

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Ironman Chattanooga Training – First Three Week Cycle Is Over. How Did It Go?

Ironman Chattanooga training experiment of n=1 has reached the end of the first three-week cycle.  This week is pure recovery as I allow my body to get stronger as well as prepare to tackle the 2nd three week cycle. If you are new to my blog then you are probably asking yourself what are these […]

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a-ok - trail run - race report

A-OK 50K Ultra Trail Run Race Report

A-OK was not on my radar, not even the periphery, prior to about two weeks ago.  I was introduced to this race by friends of Karen who are on a Facebook page called Dallas Dirt Runners.  The first time I saw A-OK I thought that it would be a great 50k supported training run for […]

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