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Should A 70.3 Finish Be A Requirement For A 140.6 Start?

Last week I read a post on Facebook that mentioned that World Triathlon Corporation should require a 70.3 finish before allowing an athlete to start a 140.6 race. On the surface this seems to make sense but the more I thought about it the more I disagreed with this idea. The statement was made based on the safety of the athlete at the 140.6 distance as it seemed that a lot of people were not prepared for the race of this distance.  While I am in full agreement that it seems that every Tom, Dick and Harry is getting into the sport to just tick a box and say that they finished the distance, I … [Read More...]


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Vegetable Evangelist? Is that what I am?

Vegetable Evangelist.  Is this even a thing?  Maybe it is.  Maybe I am one of them.  Let’s take a step back to why I am contemplating this. Last week I was sent this article that was written by Matt Fitzgerald and titled The Case Against Vegetables by Jeff and at first I was a bit startled […]

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ironman periodizatin training - triathlon - swim - bike - run

Triathlon Periodization Training Works For Me

Triathlon periodization traning for Ironman Chattanooga was going to be an experiment on n=1. The reason I phrase it that way is that I was not in a control group, nor were there other examples of triathletes doing the type of training I set out for myself back in June. I did not have a […]

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lake martin 100 - endurance - trail run

Lake Martin 100 And The Soul Crushing 60 Race Report

Lake Martin 100 was the endurance race I signed up for thanks to the urging of Jeff and Dave.  Running a 100 mile race was never even a consideration.  I admired Emily from afar but in reality I thought she was missing a screw.  When Jeff and Dave finally broke my will and I registered […]

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