11 Random Rants

I participated in the widely circulating game of 11 Randoms and it has been cool to learn a lot about all of you through this game of tag, but yesterday while pedaling and running to nowhere (on the spin bike and treadmill) I had a lot of thoughts going through my head of the things that have been driving me crazy lately.  I tried to remember them all but I’m sure I’ve missed a few.  With that as way of background I am bringing you 11 Random Rants and there are no questions to be asked, no tagging to be done.  If you want to comment with a random rant then do so.  If you want to created your own 11 Random Rants then do so and let me know so I can head over to your blog and read and laugh with enjoyment and nod my head in agreement.

Here We Go:

  1. Hey JackNut driver…..put DOWN the phone.  Sitting at a red light and picking up your phone to Tweet that you are at a stoplight or to see if anybody sent you a message in the time it took you to go from the last light to this one is absurd.  Unless your POTUS you are not getting that many messages.  Oh and by the way don’t give me the finger when I honk at you to move your car…..you are in the wrong, not me.  Get moving and drive safely!
  2. While on the car note…..excuse me but do you have some special f’n privileges that allows you to ride the shoulder in traffic?  Who are you?  And again, unless you are POTUS wait in line like the rest of us.  Don’t get pissed off when I put my car half-way in the shoulder to block you from passing.  I have to wait and so do you.
  3. Hello sir/madam at the self-checkout.  This is for a quick checkout which means nothing more than a basket full of goodies.  If you pull up here with a cart full of food I am going to tell you to go to a different aisle as this is not the place for that, and not the 15 items or less is not the option.  Follow the rules and we will all get along.
  4. Sports Teams Owners who think that an investment in a player for $214 million dollars over 9 years with no opt-out clause or those that sign players to $250 million over 10 years.  Really?  WTF are you thinking?  In scenario #1 you do realize that if the guy flat-out sucks in two years you are stuck with him because nobody is taking on a big rolly polly with a contract that big.  By the way you are the Detroit Tigers and who is going to pay the inflated ticket prices it is going to take to pay this salary?  You are not the New York Yankees whose fans don’t always show up (look at the 80s.)  In scenario #2 Mr. Owner you do realize that you are going to have to make $500 Million or a $1/2 Billion in revenue for that deal to be considered a success.  Does winning 1 or 2 World Series equate to $500M?  I don’t think so, and again at a stadium in Los Angeles where the fans are not necessarily 100% into the game why you would do this is astounding.
  5. I’m sorry to tell you this Mr Paleo, Mr Gluten Free, Ms Vegan, Ms Vegetarian, Mr Carnivore but there is no one way to eat for everybody.  Some of us don’t want to eat meat and that’s ok.  Others don’t want to eat only plants and that is ok too.  Let me eat what I want as long as it is healthy and in portion control I will be fine.  Keep you scientific studies to yourself b/c with the power of the Interwebs I can find a study that counter attacks yours.
  6. Excuse makers.  Karen addressed this on Monday but I can’t stand it.  If you did or did not do something then own up to it either way.  Don’t tell me you were going to start this or that and then not do it.  This is not just for working out, but in life.  If I approach you as a sales rep and you tell me that you are going to get started on January 1st don’t make me chase you down to get it started only to have you tell me that you are not doing it.  Have some respect for me and my time and call to say it isn’t happening…..you won’t be the first or the last sale I lose.  If you are making excuses about working out then I can’t help you.  You have to have the desire to do it and excuses will get you nowhere.
  7. Ms Paula Deen.  Do I need to say anymore?  Seriously lady, if it wasn’t enough that you were sending out messages that cooking with 6 lbs of butter, lard and shortening wasn’t enough you kept your diabetes a secret for years.  Toss in the fact that you are now profiting from what you did to yourself by signing a deal with Novartis and I am mad at myself for being in shock at this.  You on the other hand have no leg to stand on when it comes to being shocked that other chefs and the Food Network are not running to your defense and side.
  8. To anybody with my email address…..do not forward good luck chain emails, porn, political jokes, etc as you are not the only other person on the planet with an email account and I’ve probably gotten that same email from 10 other people already.  Thank you in advance for not sending it to me.
  9. Creativity in the arts……where has it gone?  Seriously 21 Jump Street the movie!!!!!  You didn’t learn a lesson from Dukes Of Hazard or any number of other failed TV shows to movies?  What’s next:  One Day At A Time?  Facts Of Life:  The Elderly Years?
  10. Coffee.  That is all it is…..nothing more and nothing less.  Please stop ordering triple venti half-caf decaf with extra steam and ultra fiery dante’s inferno hot……IT’S COFFEE!  You can get it either as Coffee or Decaf Coffee.  Oh I’m sorry you wanted an Espresso or Cappuccino then you should have gone to the Italian restaurant for lunch/dinner and had it served with a real pistachio biscotti.
  11. I don’t eat any of this stuff anymore but is there a reason to have 15 varieties of Doritos or Oreos or any # of snacks?  I mean you had Doritos and you hit it big with Cool Ranch but stop there.  Oreos are two chocolate wafers with some vanilla like substance in the middle.  Is it necessary to double stuff it, or make it mint or strawberry or reverse it with Vanilla wafers and a chocolate like substance in the middle?  Leave well enough alone.
Bonus Rant:
Let’s stop describing everything as great.  This is mainly for sports but feel free to use it whenever you deem it appropriate.  Jon already took care of epic, and I’m here to rid the world of describing everything as great.  For example….Aaron Rodgers is not great.  He had a great season, but he has only done it for a couple of years and has only one Super Bowl win.  He is not in the class of Montana and Bradshaw, or better yet Brady or Manning.  Those guys are great.
Here is a short list of great players from each sport:
Football:  Brady, Manning and Ray Lewis.  All HOFers who have done it for YEARS.  Not one one year or even 3 years but decades or close to it.
Baseball:  Derek Jeter and Mariano Rivera.  Both HOFers who again have done it for years.  Sorry but Josh Hamilton is not great.  He is very good but will never be great.
Basketball:  Tim Duncan and Kobe Bryant.  Both HOFers no doubt.  LeBron will eventually get there but is probably still 2 years out.  Derek Rose is not great.  He is very good but not great.
Hockey: Niklas Lidstrom.  No doubt HOFer.  Ovechkin and Crosby?  Do it for the long haul before we annoint you as great.

OK, I actually have quite a bit more but I said 11 Random Rants and I’m sticking to my own rules here (except for the bonus.)  Don’t be surprised if another 11 Random Rants comes out soon…..now add yours.

What Are You Ranting On Today?


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  1. Emz says:

    8 & 11.
    Love this so much.

    I’m that lady with 27 things in self checkout. Sorry. But truly…mine has NO limit. I like to bag my own crap… Control freak? Why, yes, thank you.

    My rant today…liars but ehhhh whatever. I’m moving along.

  2. Jen says:

    Bad manners. I feel like I’m becoming an old lady with this rant but what has happened to manners – no one says please and thank you anymore. I don’t expect anyone to hold a door for me but when I hold the door for some 20 year old boy and he can’t even be bothered to say thanks, or nod, or acknowledge that I stood there for 20 extra seconds for him, it annoys the crap out of me.
    Jen recently posted..11 Random ThingsMy Profile

  3. BDD says:

    I enjoyed reading this, #4 was even out with the Nicklas Lidstrom reference

    • CTER says:

      HA HA! I like Fielder, don’t get me wrong, but paying $214M for a guy you already have (Cabrera) and not having a way out of the contract is just nuts. That team was already very good and probably just needed Johnny Damon for a lot less.

      In the end if they beat the Yankees to a pulp I’m happy.
      CTER recently posted..11 Random RantsMy Profile

      • BDD says:

        I agree, I know they over spent, Fielder grew up in Detriot because his dad use to play for the Tigers, he is use to the city and the owner. I was surprised as anyone when I read it happened. Now we have 3 DH’s and 2 first base men, sure we will drive in 8 runs a game, we will need it because we have no defense

  4. amy says:

    Yes, all of this. Katie has a good rant post out there right now too. Isn’t it amazing how much better ranting can make you feel?

    Let’s add laziness to this list. You put sugar in your coffee and left it on the counter instead of putting it back in the cabinet? Why? You used the last of the water but didn’t bother to put on a new bottle? This stuff is just not that hard.

    • CTER says:

      I read Katie’s post and I was in tears. She makes me laugh all the time. And yes, you feel better and let me tell you my spin and treadmill run wasn’t so bad after thinking of all these rants.

      And yes, Laziness is enemy #1. I don’t get it at all. It isn’t that hard to do these things so just get them out of the way (says the guy with a 2 foot pile of laundry in the bedroom.)

  5. Coffee, Paula Deen.. nough said! Hey did you read the article I posted? I also heard Doritos are now heart healthy :/
    Mamarunsbarefoot recently posted..Wordless WednesdayMy Profile

  6. Matt Oravec says:

    Yup, a true New Yorker here folks ;) hahaha.

    Love this. Agree across the board.

    The express shopping aisle thing is by far the most ANNOYING AND IRRITATING issue EVER! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!
    Matt Oravec recently posted..Gluten Free PizzaMy Profile

    • CTER says:

      Especially when she (yes its always a she) looks back and I’m holding a pack of gum and a bag of coffee. She turns back around and then can’t find the bar codes, can’t find cash, her debit card won’t take and wants to write a check THEN remembers her coupons.

  7. Natasha says:

    Ha haa! Love the twist on the 11 Randoms! I can’t pick my favorite though… I think it is #7!
    Natasha recently posted..Tag you are it!My Profile

  8. LOVED this and all of them are right on! My rant…get OFF the phone and drive! It’s much easier to turn your car when you’re not holding a cell phone to your ear!!!
    Aimee (I Tri To Be Me) recently posted..Two Months Too LongMy Profile

    • CTER says:

      Yup. It is amazing especially when I see them holding it as if they are on speaker. Get a f’n bluetooth. Mine is right above my head on the visor and everybody can hear me loud and clear and not know that I am in the car.

  9. marlene says:

    Loud talkers at work…. why do people feel the need to yell in conversation, especially speaking on top of one another?

    It’s illegal to use cell phones here now… except hands free. But sooo many people still on their phones!

    Sooo agree on # 5. Everyone has their own beliefs and their ways of eating, and that is cool. I love learning about different foods and ideas, but please don’t shove it down my throat and try to make everyone believe YOUR way is right! (not directed at you, BTW. lol)
    marlene recently posted..Three Things ThursdayMy Profile

    • CTER says:

      I am not offended b/c I know my way of eating is the right way and all else fails in comparison…..ha ha ha!

      Oh yes, the loud talker. Forget the loud talker at work, but also the jack-hole in the movies before it starts, or at a restaurant or anywhere……stop yelling the other person can hear you!
      CTER recently posted..11 Random RantsMy Profile

  10. misszippy1 says:

    I think Jeff Irvin came in and took over your body! Oh, funny stuff! No, GREAT stuff. Like that?
    misszippy1 recently posted..ViewSport review and giveawayMy Profile

  11. Christie says:

    To add to your grocery shopping. Why do women(specifically) wait until ALL of their items are finished being rung up to search through their messy purse…to find their wallet…to realize they forgot that dollar off coupon in their car. GET the damn credit card and coupon ready while your shit is being rung up so I don’t have to wait on your unorganized mess :)
    Christie recently posted..Work Stress & Last week RecapMy Profile

    • CTER says:

      HA HA HA! So so so true. it is bewildering what goes on in people’s minds sometimes.

      And the name of your blog is just fan-freaking-tastic. Building The Machine……YES!
      CTER recently posted..11 Random RantsMy Profile

  12. So funny, I was totally think of a rant post myself. My biggest one is at my kids’ drop off for school. Cars are in a line waiting to pull up to let their kids out. Simple. But then there is the a-hole who always has to pull up in front of everyone, in front of the line and drop their kid. Obviousy their time is way more important than mine. Pisses me off every.single.morning. I have started to be the car the pulls to the middle of the road so no one can pass.
    Shut Up and Run recently posted..It Probably Won’t Make Your Heart StopMy Profile

  13. katie says:

    I did my rants 2 days ago, neener neener boo boo.
    katie recently posted..three things thursdayMy Profile

  14. Bob says:

    All I can say is what a GREAT post
    Bob recently posted..NAME THAT TRIATHLETEMy Profile

  15. DR says:

    Great rant
    If you lived in MN you could have used the new McD initiative…..Buy a Big Mac get the second (& any subsequent?) Big Mac for the temperature….so last weekend when it was 5 degrees the second BigMac would have been 5cents!

  16. this is great!
    HA HA HA

    I even agree with you on some of them :)

    btw–Mariano Rivera.
    I had dinner with him
    I used to LOVE him
    still do a little bit
    can’t believe he’s still closing
    besos MR
    tell you more when you come to Maine
    (not appropriate blog comment conversation)
    MilesMusclesMom recently posted..Stay Pretty & TriSwim SaleMy Profile

  17. Check your email.
    Patrick Mahoney recently posted..Stuff About MeMy Profile

  18. Jill says:

    People who say they’re going to get on Twitter and never do. Not that I know anyone like that!
    Jill recently posted..Carlsbad Marathon, #18My Profile

    • CTER says:

      HA HA HA!!!!! Yeah, those people too. But if they are gnawing on Twinkies then they get a pass. But speaking of twinkies…..the last time I had one (15-20 years ago) it was different from when I was a kid…..keep it the same and maybe you would not be filing for bankruptcy Hostess.
      CTER recently posted..11 Random RantsMy Profile

  19. I have another one – I got caught walking to my car after class yesterday behind a guy smoking. Pedestrian traffic flows through a narrow corridor and it’s almost a mile to the parking lot. He walked and smoked the whole way. I had to speed up and get in front of him to get out of his nasty trail. Yuck! There are smoking areas for a reason, please don’t feel the need to share your nasty habit with the rest of us.
    Carrie@FamilyFitnessFood.com recently posted..Three Things ThursdayMy Profile

  20. Maria Simone says:

    I loved this! I frequently have these types of internal monologues on the trainer. Must be something about riding to nowhere that brings out the best in us ;)

    Paula Deen. It makes me crazy. I love how you said you are mad at yourself for being in shock. Me too. but, I’m still sooooo annoyed by it.

    I’m also really tired of people telling me what is and what is not healthy to eat. And, related to that, I’m tired of people pointing out how running marathons and doing triathlons may cause a heart attack. I’m pretty sure that eating like Paula Deen and sitting on the couch will increase my risks much more than moving my body and doing what I love. Ughghghghghg!!

    Whew. I feel sooooo much better now :) Thanks, Jason!
    Maria Simone recently posted..The *other* 4 letter word: ITBSMy Profile

  21. Mandy says:

    I love that you used JackNut in a blog post. That is freaking awesome.

  22. lindsay says:

    GREAT post! :-p
    lindsay recently posted..i can and i willMy Profile

  23. Kevin says:

    Don’t be hating on my Tigers! We had a Fielder once, and we have one again. Although this one seems to be even larger than the first. Didn’t think that was possible. I think he should have opted to be paid in $ and not McDoubles for this gem: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RcvaYgWc9eY.

    #5 <— YES!

    #6 I was going to do a post like this but I never have the time… haha! Couldn't resist

    #8 I think I have two email addresses for you. Should I only be sending the porn to one of them?

    #10 Have you seen Role Models??

    Danny: Can I get a large black coffee?
    Barista: A what?
    Danny: Large black coffee.
    Barista: Do you mean a venti?
    Danny: No, I mean a large.
    Barista: Venti is large.
    Danny: No, venti is twenty. Large is large. In fact, tall is large and grande is Spanish for large. Venti is the only one that doesn't mean large. It's also the only one that's Italian. Congratulations, you're stupid in three languages.
    Barista: A venti is a large coffee.
    Danny: Really? Says who? Fellini? Do you accept lira or is it all euros now?

    #11 Lay off my double stuff Oreos!!! haha! Guilty pleasure but there is usually a package in the cupboard. I have recently learned that a serving is 2 cookies and not an entire row. damn.

    Lidstrom FTW. That dude is simply Bad. Ass. To be 41 years old and continue to go out on the ice after 20 seasons of getting your ass pounded (and pounding even more ass) is freaking amazing.
    Kevin recently posted..Three Things ThursdayMy Profile

  24. Chuck says:

    People walking on the treadmill at some severe angle while hanging on for dear life! Just put it flat and let go!
    Chuck recently posted..Are you at 110%?My Profile

  25. Jeff Irvin says:

    This was good dude!

    I had to stop at the Fielder one and shake my head in agreement. He is a good player. Maybe even a $160M over 10yr type of player. Not $214 over 9yrs.

    Between him and Miggy Cabrera the post game buffets are going to have to be ridiculous in the DET locker room!

    Oh, I actually read a few years back the Prince was a vegetarian – not sure if he still is, and based on his size I’d guess not.
    Jeff Irvin recently posted..Running is Perplexing …My Profile

  26. Jeff Irvin says:

    Oh, disagree on Aaron Rodgers he is great. SB victory and 2 MVP awards – a lot of HOF’ers would like that bling.

    And, IMO, Jeter is overrated. Always has been. Always will be – even when he strolls into the HOF!
    Jeff Irvin recently posted..Running is Perplexing …My Profile

    • CTER says:

      Aaron only has no MVP trophies (yet) unless you are counting being a Super Bowl MVP.

      Trust me I can’t stand Jeter. As a Mets fan I even argued that Rey Ordonez did as much for hit team defensively that Jeter did for the Yankees offensively but over the course of his career he has played on winners and not just played but led the teams as well.

      I wonder if Illitch took that post game buffet into contract negotiations. And how he doesn’t negotiate an opt-out is beyond me. Give him the 9yr/$214 but be able to get out after 6 years at the worst. Just craziness.

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