Pushing the Mind to Push the Body

My last three training sessions have been tough.  I had to push my body through some tough workouts, but with that I had to push my mind through them.  I had to convince myself that I could do them and really break it down. Telling myself I only had to go 1 minute or 2 […]

Staying Mentally Strong

I always think about not just pushing my body but training my mind to do the things I want to do.  I always think about the positive to what I’m doing.  I’m getting stronger, I’m getting leaner, I’m getting faster. I can do this.  I can do that.  Staying positive even when the chips are […]

Descending 300′s……oh yeah !!!!!

That alarm seemed to go off sooner then it need to this morning.  After a hard workout yesterday afternoon getting up this morning was not a welcome call. This is our last week with Jackson before he goes to his dad’s for the month of July so I want to spend as much time with […]

Swim-Run Brick

Ahhhh……it’s Sunday.  The day of rest, but not for those training to compete in Ironman.  Read that again as it does not say complete or just finish.  It says compete.  That is my goal.  My goal is to be competitive and to push those that are better then me even further and to pull those […]

In the Saddle for 2 hours…..feeling great

Just another typical training day for the life of an athlete training for Ironman, except that today was to be a longer ride then ever before.  Today called for 2 hours in the saddle with HR in Z2 followed-up by a 15 minute run. After resting all day yesterday I was ready to get back […]

Look of an Ironman in Training

Not everything is glorious in the world of Ironman training.  Here is a pic taken by Karen this morning around 6am on the 6th consecutive day of training.  Heading out for the 1 hour bike ride.

On A Roll……and some might say with buttah (butter for those non-Northeasterners)

Ever since my swim yesterday my training has been on a roll.  The swim while tough was tremendous b/c I proved to myself that I have the endurance right now to do that type of swimming for that length of time and distance. Yesterday’s core/strength was even better.  I was looking to do a perfect […]

USA!!! USA!!! USA!!!

I am just beside myself right now.  I am so out of breathe, and my HR was be through the roof but what just happened in the World Cup will not be justified by the words on this blog. The US HAD to win this game against Algeria in order to advance.  See, some will […]

I’m thinking Nutrition today…..

Nutrition has been on my mind for a week or so now in terms of training.  All the questions swirl…..Am I getting enough protein?  enough fat?  enough Vitamin D?  enough carbs?  and today I come across an article that questions whether or not endurance athletes are getting enough magnesium…….great something else to have to worry […]

Back in the Pool…..getting stronger at the swim

After yesterday’s OWS my confidence is continuing to grow that I can become a stronger swimmer, and not just stronger but much stronger.  Last night while watching TV with Karen I mentioned to her that I wanted to get back in the water to do the OWS again b/c I feel like I left some […]