Why I Train…..

I just finished reading ’17 Hours to Glory’ by Mathias Muller and in it he makes a statement about Ironman and it has resonated with me for two days now and tells me why I am training and putting my body through the ups and downs on a daily basis to cross that finish line. […]

Going 1/2 Ironman Distances

This weekend had distances involved that would be preparing me for goig the 1/2 Ironman distances.  On Saturday I was to ride my bike for 3 hours and then on Sunday go for a 12 mile run with a heart rate under 150 bpm. This past week led to this point where I am both […]

Stories Never Cease to Amaze Me

The stories of the competitors of triathlon never cease to amaze me.  I had a conversation one time regarding triathlon and how I would stop to help a fellow competitor b/c I know what they have gone through just to get to the finish line.  Their response was ‘but aren’t you competing to win?’ The […]

Back Home from Charlotte

I have not posted in a few days because I was out in Charlotte visiting family and it was a great time.  I not only got to see my mother and Bill, my sister and her son but I wound up getting together with fraternity brothers from college that I have not seen in 15 […]

Legs are JELL-O

My legs are jell-o.  They are wiggly and jiggly.  Why you might ask…..well I am going to tell you. Three consecutive days of hard training.  Not just hard, but pushing and pushing and pushing my speed on the run and yesterday also included the hardest swim training to date along with a time trial on […]


This weekend has been a celebration of Karen’s parents 50th wedding anniversary.  It has been such a pleasure to see the entire family and hang out and hear stories of the past.  The one down side to the weekend has been all the eating.  Eating big meals and dessert every night has been brutal.  I […]

Spring Fritatta Recipe

While reading Competitor magazine (which is given to me by Mari every time she visits from California) I found a recipe for a Spring Frittata by Deena Kastor and it sounded so good I wanted to share with everybody who reads my blog. Deena points out that she eats this after a long run in […]

Skies Will Always Be Blue

Just when you think the skies are darkest they have an uncanny way of turning blue.  Being an optimist I have always believed that to be true.  There are no problems so big they don’t have a solution, no challenges too difficult to tackle.  Staying positive has allowed me to move through the most difficult of […]

Old Times Are New Again

This morning I decided to go to the coffee shop I worked out of when I first moved to Dallas.  It is as they say like going home again.  It has been around 2 years since I have been here and it is exactly as I remember it.  I am inclined to discuss partnering with […]

Best Race to Date

I had one of those days where everything came together for me on the race course.  I finished 9th out of 36 in my age group and 66 out of 312 which doesn’t seem very good considering I was 2nd in my age group at Grapevine, but in the end this was a better result […]