Protein – Marketing Creation or Necessary Part of your Diet

When I first started doing strength training which eventually led to endurance training I was of the mindset that I needed to have protein, protein, protein within 30 minutes of working out.  I was downing Muscle Milk as if they were running out of it.  I noticed that I wasn’t losing any weight nor did I […]

New Page added to

A new page has been added to and it is a Link To Me Page. I have gotten a handful of requests recently asking if links to my blog can be added to their site or blog and the answer is yes.  I have created some html code that can be copied and pasted […]

Hills and Heels and Him…..1st in Age Group…..Way to go Karen

Today Karen and 4 of her friends ran the Heels and Hills and Him and had truly perfect weather for the 5K. We got up early and had some of the friends meet us at the house so that we could follow each other and make sure nobody was lost or late.  Got to the race […]

Running in a Downpour

Running in the rain is a wonderful experience, but running in a pure downpour?  With thunder?  Lightning? Well let’s just say it was just as good.  I had a great time running 16 miles today and I can’t say that is something that I say often but today it was awesome. I went out to […]

Marathon Makeover North Dallas Updates

Here is an update on what is happening with Marathon Makeover North Dallas. 1- The domains for both business names have been purchased and are currently being worked on so that we can present a clear and concise idea of who we are and what we do. The domains are: A big thank you to […]

201Ironman: Prepare Yourself

201Ironman: Prepare Yourself This is a video I found on and helps answer any questions that you may have regarding why one would put themselves through the training, the mental fatigue, the physical fatigue, the nutrition watching and everything else that goes with becoming an Ironman.

Friends Helping Friends

Throughout the process of being unemployed I have learned a few things about myself but just as important I have learned a lot about how my friends truly are who those are to be considered aquaintences.  I learned from a mentor a few years ago that friends are to be put on a dart board […]

House and Job Hunting – Simultaneously

Can you think of two things that are more stressful and yet doing them at the same time?  In all honesty the only two that may be more stressful would be marriage and child birth and getting married during child birth would be extremely stressful and sort of funny at the same time. Imagine the […]

Run The Jailbreak 2010

Today we Rank The Jailbreak and it was a lot of fun. The Jailbreak is an obstacle course run that covers 3.8 miles with 14 obstacles.  The claim to fame is the mud and getting muddy is the point of the run. We were in the first wave of runners at 9am.  When you start out going […]

New Page Added to

I have added a new tab (page) to my blog and this one concerns recipes.  I plan on updating this page on a weekly basis on Thursday mornings.  I will be removing the week’s previous recipe so if you want to get that recipe because you missed it please send an email to with […]