My first (and not last) Marathon Race Report – November 2009

REFLECTIONS WITH MY RACE REPORT FROM RnR SAN ANTONIO 2009 This weekend is the anniversary of my wife’s first 1/2 marathon.  We ran it in Healdsburg, California and I used it as a training run and to pace her.  I was training for my first marathon which was going to be in in San Antonio […]

New Interview, New Athlete’s Plate and Motivation for your training

Since I will be on the road to Mississippi tomorrow morning I had to squeeze my Athlete’s Plate, New Interview and Motivational Friday all into Thursday morning.  It is after all at least a 7 hour drive and you don’t want me trying to program HTML while on the road do you?  (If you saw […]

Interview with Jennifer Huffman-Swift

INTERVIEW WITH IRONMAN JENNIFER HUFFMAN-SWIFT I had the pleasure of interviewing Ironman Jennifer Huffman-Swift on Monday October 11th, just 10 days prior to her ultra-marathon. That’s right, Jennifer is not only and Ironman but also an accomplished ultra-marathoner. During the interview we discussed motivation, nutrition, and training and shared quite a few laughs and stories […]

Athlete’s Plate – October 21, 2010

ATHLETE’S PLATE – OCTOBER 21, 2010 Today’s menu will feature eggplant and portabella mushrooms for the main dishes. Breakfast – Egg and Vegetable Smash Up in a Cup Servings 1 Ingredients – 1 egg, vegetables of your choice but include eggplant and mushroom This is a version of the breakfast my mother used to serve […]

Observations and Musings for 10/26/2010

OBSERVATIONS AND MUSINGS FOR 10/26/2010 As you can see I am still working on the look.  I have gotten some parts done with the Menu up top being correct, but the interviews and athlete’s plate are supposed to be drop down menus so I am still working on that.  I will type this is all […]

Define Yourself In Endurance Sports

Define yourself in endurance sports and don’t let somebody else do it for youBy Jason Bahamundi (  Recently there was some banter in the blog world regarding joggers versus runners. This discussion was prompted by a post from Julie Reyes of The Hotlegs Runner and an ad by Pearl Izumi. The headline of the ad […]

Currently Working On A Revised Look

The blog still functions but I will be working on it most of today so that it provides an easier way to find the interviews and athlete’s plates.  In addition to that as race reports get written it will be easier to set those up to find as well. Thank you for your patience but […]

Oh the Humanity, Humidity, and HoneyMilk… tornado warnings!!!!!!

Typically don’t post on Saturday as I try to unplug myself and just enjoy the day, but when you have a wife and step-son with strep throat and in isolation, along with a tornado warning going on well you have the opportunity to write a blog. This morning my training called for a 16 mile […]

Inspiration and Motivation Friday – 10/22/2010

It is Friday and that means it is a rest day for me, but that doesn’t mean I won’t find inspiration and motivation in this world to help keep moving. So with that being said… we go. Interview with Ironman and ultra-marathoner Jennifer Huffman-Swift is posted in the interviews tab.  She is running the Javelina […]

Interview with Megan Wiseman

Interview with Claudia Spooner can be found here.Interview with Jeff Bennett can be found here.Interview with Elizabeth Wittmaack can be found here. INTERVIEW WITH IRONMAN MEGAN WISEMAN 1- How did you get involved with the sport of triathlon?After 4 years of collegiate running my body was beat down. Triathlons seemed the perfect cross-training sport to […]