A Day in the Life of the Freds — Our Christmas Trees

So now that Thanksgiving is over and we are headed full-steam ahead to Christmas and Karen and I are in taper mode what better time than now to get a Christmas tree for the house.  We set out one afternoon and came back with two.  They are named Fred and Fred Senior courtesy of Chico […]

It’s Taper Week

So we all know that we must rest our bodies and especially our minds before a race.  The word taper can bring about thoughts of ‘have I done enough’ or ‘man, I really need this rest right now.’  Either way it is unavoidable and if you don’t taper you are running the risk of throwing […]

Week In Review – 11/28/2010

We are officially less than one week (albeit barely) from the Dallas White Rock Marathon and I am very very excited and prepared. Today I had a 13 mile EZ run scheduled.  I had originally asked my coach if I could run 8:10-8:20/mile pace for the 13 since the 3:29:00 goal is a pace of […]

Black Friday Giveaway and Black Knight Virtual 10K

Today is ‘Black Friday’ here in the US (This blog is followed in Canada, Japan and the UK amongst other countries) and while everybody is out shopping I am sitting in my living room with SportsCenter on and typing a blog post about a giveaway that triathletes, those with triathletes as friends/family, or any endurance […]

Thanksgiving – 11/25/2010

Today is Thanksgiving and while I am out running the Turkey Trot and then sitting down with my Texas family to a terrific meal I wanted to say Thank You to all of you that follow my blog. I especially wanted to thank each of you that participated in my interviews.  I had a blast […]

Athletes’s Plate – November 24, 2011

ATHLETE’S PLATE – NOVEMBER 24, 2011 I am doing the AP one day early because of the holiday tomorrow and figured you would all be at the table eating after your morning Turkey Trot and so would not have the opportunity to check out the AP for the week. This week’s menu was inspired by […]

Tuesday Giving Thanks and Old Skool Pics

30 DAYS OF GIVING THANKS I am very far behind on this and believe I owe 9 days….I am so far behind I can’t find the last time I posted a thankful note. Day 15 – My Best (WO) Man at my wedding – Jill I am very thankful for having Jill in my life.  […]

3:29:00 TO PR

You may have seen a movie with Russell Crowe and Christian Bale….but there is a sequel coming out and it is titled 3:29:00 TO PR This movie is set in an old western city, Dallas, and is set to be released on December 5, 2010.  Karen will be going to the starting line looking to […]

Week In Review – 11/21/2010

WEEK IN REVIEW – 11/14 – 11/21/2010 The training for this week was the last big week prior to the marathon tapering so the miles on the run were fairly high and I feel like I am very prepared for the Dallas White Rock Marathon on 12/5/2010.  In my mind I am so prepared that […]

Interview With Ironman Kristin White

INTERVIEW WITH IRONMAN KRISTIN WHITE I had the pleasure of conducting an interview with Ironman Kristin White. I had been following Kristin’s blog (http://www.kristin-white.com/) for about a month before she left for Kona to race in the World Championships. It was during that time, while I was constantly refreshing my BlackBerry to see where she […]