Week In Review – 1/30/2011

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Sunday has become the day of the Epic Training Day of the week and this Sunday was no different. For the past two weeks my rides have been on the trainer because of the weather but today (1/30/2011) I got to ride outside.  I apologize to my friends in the North but today was 65 […]

Nutrition for Endurance Athletes

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Please stick around and read this because you don’t have to be Chrissie Wellington or Dean Karnazes to be considered an endurance athlete.  Don’t believe me?  Go to Endurance Athlete Project and see all the EAs there.  Then sign up while you are there. Thursday night Karen and I are typically sans Chico.  We are kidless and […]

Have You Seen The Sun Rise?

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Welcome to the new site for Jason Bahamundi and the Life of An Aspiring Triathlete.  You can see that there have been ‘some’ changes around here.  In the past two months or so I have truly been chasing my passions.  My passion for cooking and my passion for a healthy lifestyle through training and racing.  […]

Athlete’s Plate – January 27, 2011


 A quick announcement that ch-ch-changes are coming.  The look and feel of this blog will be changing in a major way in the very near future but do not worry as you will be able to still find me through the http://www.baha703ironman.com/ URL as well as the new one (not releasing the name yet.)  […]

Food and You – A Sound Relationship?


Before I go on about my relationship with food let me say that I am not a registered dietician or a nutritionist.  All the following verbiage is my opinion and not to be taken as fact.  If you have questions regarding diet and nutrition please contact your doctor. My relationship with food has changed quite […]

Week In Review – 1/23/2011

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What a great week this past week was.  Training was spot on although one day I had physically crashed (more on that in a bit.)  First group run for Marathon Makeover, Wedding Anniversary and a house showing. =================== Training: What a great training week.  It was last Sunday that I had a 3:00 trainer ride […]

Happy Anniversary To My Wife

(Not our actual rings)  Dear Karen – It was one year ago that we decided to get married.  Prior to saying I do we dated first long distance (New York to Dallas), then we dated in very close proximity (I moved to Dallas and had an apt next door to you), then we bought […]

Me Stylish and Versatile? Hmmmm……

Crazy enough  I got nominated twice for the stylish and versatile blogger award.  You are supposed to write 7 things about yourself, so this meant I needed 14 things.  Then you are supposed to link back to those that nominated you.  So Jen at From Fat To Finish Line and Julie from Hotlegs Runner here is your […]

Athlete’s Plate – 1/20/2011


I would like to thank Rita Barry of Fitblogger for designing the logo for The Athlete’s Plate.  The gold wings represent quite a bit to me.  They represent the gold wings for Boston as well as the headdress that the Greeks wore when they won the Gold Medals as well as the winner of Kona. Fitblogger […]

Is There A Competitor In You?

Last night, like any other night, I was contemplating life and the meaning behind it and what I could do to change myself to make the people around me better.  I got to thinking about the Biggest  Loser episode and I quickly sent myself an email titled ‘Is There A Competitor In You?’  That was […]