The Cupcake Marathon Spring 2011

It's Like A Marathon But With A Cherry On Top

Christel (Silly Girl Running) and I had a Facebook conversation after she posted a comment regarding running for cupcakes.  It was a comical conversation that has led to this announcement.  For about 1 month now Christel and I have been working on creating a virtual race that fits into the training season for Spring Marathons. […]

Appetite for Reduction Review: Lentil Chipotle Burgers with Scallion Potato Pancakes


I recently joined a cookbook review club being hosted by Cooking For A Vegan Lover and the premise is to review recipes in the cookbook that is chosen.  You have to actually make 3-5 of the recipes in the book and essentially talk about it. The cookbook for this month’s cookbook club is Appetite for […]

Rocky Raccoon Race Report by David Carder


If you are an avid (or just show up every now and again) reader of this site you know that I have been looking for race reports to post.  The reason I am looking for race reports is that the title of this blog is Cook Train Eat RACE and I tend to race 12 […]

The Athlete’s Plate Challenge: Sweet Potato


Welcome back to the second edition of The Athlete’s Plate Challenge.  The first challenge went to Matt over at The Athlete’s Plate for his Tempeh Bacon over my Mediterranean Style Tempeh. When the votes were counted up the sweet potato had the most votes and became the secret ingredient for the 2nd version of The […]

The Athlete’s Plate – February 24, 2011


First allow me to say Thank You to Matt over at The Athlete’s Plate for being a guest chef last week.  In case you missed Matt’s creations be sure to click [HERE] to get a glimpse into how Matt fuels his body for training. Two weeks ago The Sean’s menu was up and he ran […]

The Secret Ingredient is…..


…..Sweet Potatoe. Matt from The Athlete’s Plate and I will be having our second challenge and the secret ingredient is Sweet Potatoe. The sweet potatoe entered my life about two years ago and I have been asking myself where has this been my whole life.  I always associated the sweet potatoe with sweet potatoe pie […]

Protein — The Advertised Macronutrient


The title of this blog post is due to the fact that this was my relationship with protein when I first started training.  I was hit in the face repeatedly with ads that I needed to have protein, protein, protein.  It was to the point that a 30 minute run or a 2 hour run […]

Food, Inc. and Food Matters Review


I am going to lead off this post with a disclaimer that I am not a doctor, nutritionist or dietician.  I am a person who cares about what he puts into his body and I cannot digest enough information while also trying to make heads and tails of it all.  The beauty of this idea […]

Stonebridge Ranch Half-Marathon Race Report – February 19, 2011


Unless you have been going through the site and found the Race Results 2011 you would not have known that I was racing this weekend as I have not spoken about it. The reason I did not speak about it is that I wasn’t sure how I was going to approach this race.  Was I […]

Breakfast – The Meal of Champions


Before we discuss Breakfast and it’s importance to you I want to announce the winner of the Tempeh Challenge. Matt from The Athlete’s Plate and his Tempeh Bacon won by 5 votes out of a total of 61 cast. Congratulations to Matt and the winning ingredient for the next Athlete’s Plate Challenge is  Recipes for this […]