The Athlete’s Plate – March 31, 2011


    The Athlete’s Plate has the pleasure this week of creating a menu for Amanda from Runninghood.  I had not been to Amanda’s site before and when Nora nominated her I was excited to be able to go to another blogger’s site and learn. First few things I noticed about Amanda is that she […]

Eucerin Run With Dean Karnazes Sweepstakes


I was recently approached about entering this sweepstakes and the opportunity to let you know about it.  I replied back, in typical New York fashion, with how did you get my name and email?  What is this about?  I could have just deleted it but, a chance to run with the vein (check out the […]

SooFoo Product Review


If you have been around Cook Train Eat Race since it changed from Life of an Aspiring Triathlete you know how much I admire and respect Rita Barry. Rita designed the logo for The Athlete’s Plate, she created the look of this site as well as designed the Cupcake Marathon logo and the CTER TV […]

Skinny Bitch: Ultimate Everyday Cookbook


This month’s cookbook club is reviewing Skinny Bitch: Ultimate Everyday Cookbook by Kim Barnouin.  Karen and I have a couple of other cookbooks from the Skinny Bitch family and I just knew that the recipes in this cookbook were going to be terrific. As has become customary after I buy the book I sit down […]

Milk….To Consume Dairy Milk Or Not


Did you know there was a debate on milk?  I have chosen to not drink cow’s milk anymore and drink soy, almond and coconut milk only because of the switch to becoming a vegetarian.  Again, this was done to see how I felt and not because of an idea that cow’s milk was bad for […]

Gator Half-Iron Distance Race Report by Kristine Concepcion


Do you remember Kristine Concepcion?  Yeah, the total rockstar from the Gasparilla Half-Marathon.  Well, she was at it again but this time in a half-iron distance triathlon.  Check out her places in the Age Group as she goes from the water to the bike to the run.  She had a plan, and she executed it […]

The Athlete’s Plate Challenge – Battle Grilling


  Our last challenge was Battle Pizza where my vegetarian White Pizza came out victorious.  At that time we asked what type of cooking method you would like to see the next challenge revolve around.  You decided that you wanted to see food being grilled.  In my pre-vegetarian days this would have consisted of throwing […]

The Athlete’s Plate – March 24, 2011


  The Athlete’s Plate is back from its hiatus.  As you now know we have launched a new channel on YouTube and it is titled CTER TV.  We are thrilled to have been able to secure a studio and hoping that we can present The Athlete’s Plate on our channel in the future.  Unfortunately time […]

CTER Launches It’s TV Channel


  We have been hard at work here in the CTER (Cook Train Eat Race) studios to create a new and creative way to present recipes and nutritional information to you.  We have toyed around with various methods and ideas and finally settled on creating these videos that can be found on our newest link….CTER […]

Electrolytes and Their Importance to Endurance Athletes


I have recently finished the book The Runner’s Diet and it was chock full of information regarding carbohydrates, proteins and fats.  Or to use one term:  macro-nutrients.  There were chapters dedicated to these macro-nutrients and rightfully so as most people seem intent on focusing on these three, but as an endurance athlete there is more […]