Vixi Bar Review and Giveaway


As you know by now I am forever looking out for new products to help me become a better endurance athlete.  I will try anything.  I will buy a one off product at the store just because it is new, never saw it before, never heard of it, never saw it on Twitter or Facebook […]

Athlete’s Plate – April 28, 2011


I am back from my hiatus and ready to tackle this week’s version of The Athlete’s Plate.  When BDD sent me his nomination I was super excited because this blogger is one that I have been following for some time and she is a member of TAAN (Team Angels and Ninjas.)  I have learned so […]

Deciding On A Meat-Free Diet?


I know this is about the 3rd or 130th post regarding being a vegetarian and I apologize in advance but it’s sort of like buying a new car.  Once you own that car and are driving around your area you notice that make/model more than ever before.  This is what is happening to me as […]

10 Reasons Endurance Sports Are Good For You


Like many of you I receive Tweets, Facebook updates and direct email from  Like many of you I got into endurance sports for one reason or another and have found out a myriad of other reasons as to why this lifestyle is great for us.  I got into running because my ex-wife asked me […]

Never Quit…..


Never Quit No Matter How Hard This weekend Karen and I took a train-cation.  For those of you who do not know, that is a trip away from home where you go to train.  Boxers go on train-cations all the time as they prepare for their next bout. While we were away I tackled the […]

Guest Blogger Athlete’s Plate Challenge – Battle Cookie


  If you are a consistent follower of this site you know that Matt (Athlete’s Plate) and I have been waging a battle of healthy cooking over the past few months, with me taking the title once for my pizza.  As he and I were discussing the next battle he came up with the idea […]

The Athlete’s Plate – April 21, 2011


  I am taking the week off from creating the Athlete’s Plate this week and asked Chuck Feerick of Feerless Food to be a Guest Chef.  He graciously agreed to take on this task and I cannot thank him enough.  I ‘met’ Chuck through Twitter and also through our affiliation with HoneyMilk (yes, he does […]

Vegetarian/Vegan Questions Answered (or at least some of them)


Yesterday I was on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube,  and Paper.Li (what?  I work for a social media company and that is my job!) when I came across a link that stopped me dead in my tracks.  It was posted by VeganG26_2 and the Tweet said:  PLEASE READ THIS.  There was a link to a Washington Post […]

Revisiting Coffee…..


It was not that long ago that I had an email exchange with Rae of Forays In The Kitchen regarding coffee and its effects on endurance athletes.  In the exchange I learned that drinking caffeinated coffee 1 hour prior to a workout of 1 hour or longer is a good thing as it takes this […]

Refocused and Dialing It In


Recovery is officially over and my goals have been set.  Today marked the first day of training for the remainder of this season.  As you read in my goals post I am looking to go sub 2:53 for the Olympic distance triathlon, sub 5:42 for the Half-Ironman Triathlon and to qualify for Boston in the […]