CapTexTri Race Report


Before I break down the segments of the race I want to first say Thank You to all of you for your well wishes leading up to race day, then during race day and all the congratulations after the race.  It means so much and truly helps to know that you are all there to […]

US Open Toyota Triathlon Race Report (Repost)


I am reposting this race recap because tomorrow I will be racing the olympic distance again.  This time the race is in Austin and on a Monday.  It has been an odd weekend because the race is on Monday.  I had Saturday off as a rest day, instead of Friday, and to say I was […]

Rev3 Knoxville Race Report by Colleen Kingery

If you don’t know Colleen then I’m not sure you have spent more than 5 minutes on Twitter or the Blog World looking for awesomely cool triathlon athletes. She is always there with a joke and great laughs and she is an incredible triathlete.  I mean incredible.  She is part of the Trash Talk Thursday […]

Triathlete Defined…..


I have been thinking about this for quite some time.  I like to define myself and not let society do it for me.  Labels get placed everywhere and they are not always accurate.  We are all different in one way or another so why allow somebody else to define you. While thinking about this I […]

Pizza: My Friend and Yes It’s Healthy

Veggie Pizza with homemade crust

I love pizza.  It’s no secret.  I can eat pizza 2-3x per week and never get sick of it.  You can make a multitude of flavor combinations with pizza.  You can have a various toppings such as vegetables, grilled chicken, and tempeh.  You can also have various bases to the pizza such as a red […]

Are There Foods That Will Help You Live Longer?


As anybody who knows me will tell you I want to live forever.  I enjoy living life and experiencing everything that comes with it.  I believe that life is a group of lessons that we learn from whether the experience is good or bad.  For each experience we go through we take away a lesson, […]

Can I Get To Kona?


My cousin has this saying for me whenever we chat via Facebook.  It goes something like this:  I’ll see you in Kona one day.  Is she right?  I have no idea.  I haven’t even begun training for an Ironman as of yet.  I have put in my time to be good at the half-ironman and […]

Ironman Texas Volunteering Race Report – Epic Weekend


This may be the best race report I ever write because it will be from the perspective of a volunteer and not that of the athlete going over the course, hydration/nutrition, PRs, etc. It was an epic weekend and let me say that if you have the chance to attend an Ironman race GO.  If […]

Gulf Coast Triathlon Race Report by Greg Larsen

This race report is by one person I consider to be a good friend even if we have only known each other for a few months.  I met Greg via Twitter a few months ago and we met up at the Stonebridge Ranch Half-Marathon.  From that day we started training together and he truly helped […]

Carrot Cake Bar – Make This, Don’t Buy That


The first installment of Make This, Don’t Buy That is finally here.  You voted on which protein/energy/power bar I should make and the winner chosen by majority vote was the Carrot Cake bars in place of the carrot cake bars from Lara Bar. I was thrilled to have that be the choice because of all […]