Athlete’s Plate – June 30, 2011


Almond Butter reviews I am really excited about showcasing this menu today because it is for a blogger who is a superb athlete who does not hide from sweating or eating.  In all honesty the blog could be called Sweat, Eat, Sweat More, Keep Eating and it would hit the nail on the head. The […]

Make This, Don’t Buy That – Energy Bar


energy bar reviewsRecently I have been looking at the ingredients in the PowerBar that I use for the bike.  I have been taking the PowerBar Harvest Double Chocolate Crisp and cutting it into fours and eating one piece every 15 minutes.  I am doing this because I can get 250 calories into my body in […]

Angels And Ninjas Debut A New Feature


While attending the Fitness and Health Bloggers Conference this past weekend I was taught about ways to enhance my blog, but I thought about ways to enhance my blog to help those the way I was helped when I first ventured into this crazy endurance world.  I knew nothing about cadence, endurance ,nutrition, hydration, swimming […]

Fitness and Health Bloggers Conference 2011 (#FHBC11) Recap


As you may or may not know I was in beautiful Boulder, Colorado this past weekend for the Fitness and Health Bloggers Conference 2011 and all I can come up with in all my great vocabulary is:  WOW!  Your first thought/question is most likely:  Why WOW?  Tell me more about this conference as I want […]

Got Energy? Need Energy?


One of the most common sayings I hear from those that I speak to regarding my workout load is how do you have the energy to do that?  Or the second most common saying is ‘just hearing that is making me tired.’  I laugh and shrug it off because I am not superhuman.  I am […]

Swimming….How Did This Become My 2nd Discipline?


When I first started this journey into triathlon I would have labeled myself a runner who can bike fairly well and is a horrible swimmer.  If you are a long time reader of this site then you know that I started working with Coach C because of my horrible swimming (read post here.) In my […]

Athlete’s Plate – June 23, 2011


Today’s nominee is somebody that I have a lot of respect for.  I have exchanged a number of emails with this person prior to the nomination so I was excited when Allison sent me the email.  This blogger is fast, and I mean fast.  He has qualified for Boston and I believe he can go […]

Yoga And Triathlon A Great Friendship


yoga clothing reviewsBack in October I posted about yoga’s 5 principles and its benefits to triathletes.  Lately I have been feeling some fatigue in my left hamstring, glute, and pirformis.  It has been aching and I finally decided to go back to my roots of yoga to see if that would help, and it has […]

Same Ingredients, 3 Meals

Same Ing, 3 meals.001

Lately I have  been thinking about grocery bills and how they can go sky high and even higher if you don’t use all the food you bought and it goes bad.  This is tied to the fact that the show Extreme Couponing cannot be avoided on Twitter any longer.  People cutting coupons to save hundreds […]

Mind Games…..


This entire lifestyle of endurance racing is about not just being physically ready to perform on race day but being mentally ready.  I believe that we can do anything we put our mind to.  There is no task that is insurmountable, there are just tasks that we have not solved yet.  If we look at […]