Did I Touch A Nerve?


I think the answer to that question is a resounding YES.  And guess what?  I am beyond ecstatic that I did.  Maybe this little blog of mine in the middle of the internet sea will help get a wave of movement going in terms of education and talking about this problem that stares us in […]

Endurance Athlete Meetup


Gu Energy reviewsWhen I was at the Fitness and Health Bloggers Conference in Boulder, Colorado back in June one item that I learned that really piqued my interest was to host a meetup of friends, family and other athletes from the area to test products out and try to put together a review for the […]

One Answer To All Your Questions

Discipline Is Hard Work But The Rewards Are Tremendous

Yesterday’s post about raising taxes on unhealthy foods has sparked a lot of conversation and I am thrilled that it has.  Maybe raising taxes isn’t the right answer, maybe it is.  I don’t know but what I do know is that it has created conversation and that is a great start.  This topic of obesity […]

Raise Taxes? YES!!!!!


This is not a political blog, nor will it ever be but I say it is time to raise taxes.  Now before you go hog wild and begin scrolling right down to comment on why we should or should not raise taxes I am not talking about income tax.  The tax that I am talking […]

Make This, Don’t Buy That – Almond Butter Cups


Almond Butter reviewsMy sweet tooth has been raging since last Thursday.  How do I know it was Thursday?  It is because I was so beat after the Disco Triathlon and had no recovery with a full week of training that on Thursday I collapsed.  I took a nap mid-day and when I woke up there […]

The Hall of Fame


As a kid I used to dream of being inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame (B-HOF.)  I knew for sure that I was capable of playing at the major league level as I watched guys like Ozzie Smith make diving plays, Dave Winfield hit towering home runs and great teams like the ’86 Mets […]

70.3 Rhode Island Race Report by Jenn Gambardella


ironman reviewsI came into contact with Jenn when she reached out through my contact page to ask the following: I am new to this whole endurance athlete sport thing. I am an accidental athlete who got sucked into a duathlon as a bet by a trainer last year. That same year, I ran my first […]

Dietary Supplements…..And Alphabet Soup


first endurance reviewsI am reading Nutrition Periodization for Athletes by Bob Seebohar right now and it is a great read if you are interested in how to fuel your body for heavy training, tapering, recovery.  It goes through how to view the macro and micronutrients we need in our system.  It explains weight loss, weight […]

Tempeh – Good? Bad? And A Video Recipe


lightlife reviewsIf you have been reading this blog consistently then you know that tempeh is one of my favorite ingredients to cook.  I did not always have a favorable relationship with tempeh because the first time I looked at it I thought to myself ‘what am I to do with that?’  Remember that I had […]

Disco Triathlon Race Report


One housekeeping item before we dive into the race report.  I want to say Thank You to all of the people that follow this blog, my Twitter account or Facebook account for the support  prior to the race and the high-fives (while virtual) for after the race.  It is awesome to be surrounded by supportive […]