Toyota US Open Championships Goals


The Toyota US Open Championships are this Sunday (10/2/11) and I will be racing with teammate Robert Swan and a few other friends. This race holds a special place in my heart because it was my first Olympic distance triathlon.  I learned so much from this race and used it as a springboard for 70.3 […]

Athlete’s Plate by the Athlete


It is Thursday so that means another opportunity to present to you a day in the food life of an athlete.  This athlete comes to us via Twitter and her blog.  Quite simply she is one of the funniest people in my social media circle.  Conversations seem to center around women’s parts.  Boobs specifically, but […]

Breakfast on Race Day


Race day is fast approaching for me.  I am racing the Toyota US Open Championships (goals coming out on Friday) on Sunday and then the last triathlon of the season at 70.3 Austin on October 23, 2012. Making sure that you are properly fueled for race day, regardless of distance, is extremely important.  I treat […]

Speedfil A2 Product Review


I have been clamoring for the Speedfil A2 ever since I saw the product on the Speedfil Facebook page.  I commented on their wall multiple times trying to find out when it was going to be sold to the public.  I was excited to find out that September 1st would be the day of its […]

Girls Just Want To Have Fun


It is amazing the way life works.  One day you read something and then for a week that is all you see.  Similar to when you buy a car and then you notice it on the road at all times.  Or in triathlon world you buy yourself a Specialized Transition Comp and the very next […]

Favorite Workout?


I am in the midst of training for 70.3 Austin on October 23rd, but prior to that I am racing an Olympic distance triathlon on October 2nd.  If that weren’t enough I have a half-marathon on November 6th and then the A running race…..The Las Vegas Rock N Roll Marathon on December 4th. I am […]

You Are An Ironman

IMLOU finish

Yesterday I posted about believing in yourself.  In that post I had an article by Susan Lacke about going from Couch Potato to Ironman.  Within that article was another article written by her titled Anybody Can Do An Ironman. I agree with Susan’s point of view that anybody can do one, but the rationale for […]

You Say You Can’t But I Say You Can


Just about everyday I get asked the question of how do you do what you do?  I ask them initially what they are talking about because I don’t consider myself special and certainly don’t have some super human powers.  I wake up early to train because I want to be home in the evening with […]

Athlete’s Plate by the Athlete


You have got to love social media.  Well you don’t have to but I know that I do and it is for reason’s like today’s featured athlete. Through Twitter I have had the pleasure of laughing at some of the best tweets that this athlete posts.  One funnier than the next.  I can honestly say that […]

Sweet Potato-palooza


Yesterday I posted about Sweet Potatamole, which is a creation using sweet potatoes and avocados.  It is nutrient packed and tastes outstanding. Not to be outdone I kept my experimental hat on last night and made a sandwich for the Giants-Rams game and flat out loved it.  You have to love a sandwich that comes […]