Happy Halloween


Today is Halloween.  The holiday, that I have no idea how/where it started, where people feel the necessity to get dressed up as something that they are not. As a kid it was great as you got out the pillow case and went door to door begging for candy and people happily obliged.  Of course […]

I’m Doing Something Right?


As humans we are creatures of habit and while change is a good thing it may not be so good when it comes to training for endurance events. If you have read this blog long enough you know that my weeks are setup the same from week to week and that I get up at […]

Swim Sets To Get Faster


As you know by now my swim has been the hardest discipline for me to improve upon whether it was getting faster or swimming straighter.  I have truly embraced swim training though because it has been so hard.  I love the challenge of tackling something that is not easy.  I love the challenge of staring […]

Easy Peasy and CHEAP Meal


I love to cook.  Spending hours in the kitchen is not a problem for me.  Dicing, chopping, sauteeing…..these are all words that make music in my mind but I also know that not everybody is like me.  People want to get into the kitchen and get out as fast as possible without sacrificing taste and […]

Healthy Fast Food? Oxymoron?


You know what an oxymoron is right?  Jumbo Shrimp?  Smart Jason?  You see it’s using an adjective to describe the opposite really.  In more Merriam-Webster speak an oxymoron is: is a figure of speech that combines contradictory terms. Yesterday I was using Google to search for what would be considered the healthiest food.  I wanted to […]

Offseason? Is that what I’m In?


With my last triathlon of the season having been completed on Sunday at Austin 70.3 I started thinking about what this off-season would represent for me.  What I would focus on during this stretch.  I have a half-marathon coming up in two weeks and then 4 weeks after that I am going to make my […]

Lessons Learned from Austin 70.3


It has taken me a couple of days to process this race in more than just a race report format.  In the car ride home I went over what could have been done better or done differently to improve my results. Some may read that and say to themselves:  Is this guy for real?  He […]

70.3 Austin Race Report


I will start by saying it was a very good day at the office overall, but with any race you have to take the time to analyze and understand where you can get better so that you keep improving. My second statement is a huge Thank You to all of you that sent text messages […]

What Time Is It?

Game Time! I will swim faster, harder and smarter than ever before. I will ride faster, harder and smarter than ever before. I will run faster, harder and smarter than ever before. When all is said and done I will have crossed the finish line with nothing in the tank. When all is said and […]

I Finally Found It


If you are a consistent reader of this site then you know that second to nut butter, and a close second, is pizza.  Not just any pizza though, it has to be New York style pizza.  Not that Chicago stuff that is nothing other than an open faced stromboli (sorry Chicago pizza lovers, but its […]