Childhood Obesity


Yesterday Beth of Shut Up and Run posted on her blog titled Obese Police.  It was an interesting post regarding if a child should have been removed by the state because of the fact that he was four times the size of ‘normal’ kid his age.  It was under the thought process that the mother […]

What Are We Eating Anyway?

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Ever since starting a healthier lifestyle and eating a cleaner diet I have discovered a few things along the way.  My energy is sky high and I am able to recover faster from strenuous workouts quicker.  I think one of the most important aspects to eating a cleaner diet has been the research I have […]

Las Vegas Strip At Night Marathon Tapering


The Rock and Roll Las Vegas Strip At Night Marathon is in less than one week from today.  This means that I have already started tapering.  My last long run was on Saturday which was 13.1 miles and that I ran in 1:41 and felt great despite the 20-30 mph winds.  Sunday was a short […]

Winter = Pool Time


The temperatures have gotten into the 30s today here in Dallas and that means that most of my training will be indoors.  With 70.3 Puerto Rico coming up in March there is no time to wait for the weather to improve so that I can go open water swimming.  It’s also a great time to […]

Chocolate – Peanut Butter Waffles


Today is the last day of training in the evening for the Las Vegas Marathon.  I have been training with a late start for 3 weeks and with that I have been tweaking my nutrition.  I have eaten 2 nut butter and jelly sandwiches the night before and then had pancakes at midday to prep […]

Black Friday


Our Thanksgiving starts very early (12p) and ends by 3p.  We only have my step-son for those few hours and so we came home after that.  Fell asleep quickly and then stayed up all night to go to Walmart at 10p (yes that is up all night considering I am usually falling asleep in couch […]

Avoid Holiday Weight Gain


Today is Thanksgiving and it is my favorite holiday.  In the past, even as recently as last year, I could be found piling my plate 3 to 4 times with food and all throughout the night.  I love this day because there is no gift giving and it is just an opportunity to sit down […]

Protein Powders


As many of my followers know I am sponsored by Carla and Eddie Weber of Nutrition Addiction and Herbalife.  Herbalife makes protein powders so that people can make shakes.  There are those out there that will say that you don’t need to have a powder and you can get plenty of protein from food and […]

An Open Letter To Myself


As of this writing I am approximately two weeks away from making a run at a Boston Marathon qualifying time.  I have to finish the marathon in 3:10 just to have a chance to register, which means that I really need to run a 3:07-3:08 to be able to get in. For the past few […]

Mexican Omelette Breakfast


On Saturday evening I went out and ran 22 miles.  It was a total slugfest but I got through it by thinking of the great brunch I had on Saturday afternoon.  I made oatmeal raisin pancakes with a fried egg and a slice of toast.  It was fantastic. So when on Sunday morning I woke […]