Brown Rice Waffles from The Feed Zone Cookbook


Brown Rice Waffles?  Yes that is what I said, but really aren’t waffles in general a great breakfast meal, but also for lunch, dinner, snack…..basically what I’m saying is that waffles are great anytime.  That being said I made waffles this morning after 3 hours of training and they were awesome and I want to […]

Ironman Texas Training – Week #10


Ironman Texas training is better than any job I have ever had.  I say that because I don’t take time off from it.  I love getting up and getting to work.  Yes there are days that I would rather be sleeping but once I start the workout I feel great and when it is over […]

Frugal Grocer Week #8


So I am 8 weeks into this and I will say that this week was my first ‘failure’.  I did stay under budget but I did not make a lot of meals this week because I spent 9 hours on Saturday and 9 hours on Sunday a the RRCA course which means that I basically […]

Italian Tacos?


Italian tacos don’t mean mozzarella cheese and marinara sauce.  Use this recipe to create homemade tortillas and an Italian inspired filling.  Before we get into the recipe for the filling I have to say that I have been looking for garbanzo bean flour for a few weeks now but especially since I made these homemade flour […]

Disorderly Eating


Yesterday morning I was perusing through Twitter when I cam across Lindsay’s Tweet that said Running On Empty and it had a link.  Being ever so curious and knowing Lindsay’s posts are informative about nutrition I couldn’t wait to read.  I must have ignored the fact that it came from Runner’s World. What I read left […]

Aspaeris Pivot Shorts Product Review


Aspaeris Pivot Short Since I have become a Tough Chik, I have branched out and been able to try new products. My most recent product purchase was the Aspaeris Pivot Shorts™   I have worn compression pants and capris in the past, and loved them but had several issues with the seams on them splitting […]

Breakfast Recipes


I will make a statement that I bet 90% of the readers of this blog will agree with: BREAKFAST IS AWESOME NO MATTER WHEN YOU EAT IT OR WHAT YOU EAT !!!!! Am I right or am I right?  Having breakfast foods for dinner is a necessity at least once every two weeks.  Last week […]

Ironman Texas Training VLOG – Week #9


This week the VLOG is more than just me talking.  Karen makes her debut appearance and it is well deserved after her 2nd place Age Group finish at the Stonebridge Ranch Half-Marathon on Saturday. We discuss what it is like to live with an Ironman in training.  Karen shows you a picture of me when […]

Frugal Grocer Week #7


This past week was a tremendous amount of fun.  I went through cookbooks and scoured the internet for recipes and came across some really great breakfast recipes that I’m going to put into a post later this week.  It seemed that every where I turned I found another awesome breakfast recipe and on Saturday I […]

Stonebridge Half-Marathon Race Report


Yesterday I ran the Stonebridge Half-Marathon for the second year in a row.  The distance works perfect for training purposes and it is a small race so you really get to enjoy it.  Not to mention the post race spread is pretty good.  This year Karen and my buddy Juan decided to join me in […]