Grilled Cheese Recipe from The Feed Zone Cookbook


Grilled cheese on a cold winter’s day with tomato soup.  We all remember that don’t we.  The way the cheese would be so hot that it would burn the roof of your mouth……the way the bread was sometimes burnt because Mom was focused on 100 other things.  The joys of childhood were just incredible.  I […]

Frugal Grocer – PSA


  Frugal Grocer, the series, has been on hiatus for the past few weeks and will be for one more week.  All this racing has made grocery shopping a joke lately.  Trips to the store have resulted in $25 grocery bills because of the out-of-town trip (San Juan and Oklahoma) or family in town race […]

Polenta Fries and Sausage


Polenta fries could be my newest addiction.  A quick back story on Polenta.  Karen and I go to a restaurant called Sauce on the Square, located in McKinney, Texas on Valentine’s Day.  They have terrific pizza and one day we noticed polenta with balsamic reduction and mushrooms so we ordered it.  It was beyond delicious […]

Ironman Texas Training – Weeks 13 and 14


Ironman Texas training has entered some zone but I’m not sure what zone.  These past two weeks have been filled with races and hardly any taper or recovery… has been bananas, and I have eaten my fair share of bananas.  I may have to track my banana consumption alone to see how much it really […]

Dallas Rock N Roll Half Marathon Race Report


Dallas Rock and Roll Marathon was not a race that I had planned at the start of the year.  It wasn’t until Amy Perkel of Boundless Nutrition sent me an email asking if I wanted free passes to the race (it is nice to have sponsors) that I added this event to the list.  Of […]

Hungry For Change Movie Review


Hungry For Change is a documentary from the makers of Food Matters, which I previously reviewed.  So while the rest of the country was watching another movie with the title Hunger in it (Hunger Games) I was fixated to my laptop and loved every minute of the 90 minute documentary. Just like with Food Matters, […]

Ironman San Juan – The Beginning


Ironman San Juan was an Amazing Race….literally.  On Tuesday I gave you the breakdown of trying to get home and on Wednesday I provided you with the race report.  Today I am going to tell you how I got to Puerto Rico.  This was such an adventure that CBS, Mark Burnett and Amazing Race host […]

Ironman San Juan Race Report


Ironman San Juan was an incredible experience (outside of getting home but even that was an experience) and one I cannot wait to repeat again next year.  That is correct……I have plans to compete at Ironman San Juan next year.  The venue was incredible, the people better than that and the food was top-notch.  It did […]

Planes, Trains, Automobiles And Maybe A Bike?


Ironman San Juan travel report coming first because I have gotten a number of emails, tweets and Facebook posts requesting a race report and I would love nothing more than to post one for you, but I think this entire trip deserves a handful of posts.  I am going to break this race report down […]

70.3 San Juan Goals


This 70.3 San Juan goals post has been written and re-written then deleted and resurrected more times than Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees but I’m finally putting it out there.  You saw the time I am shooting for in the Ironman Texas Training Video – Week 12 but I am going to break it down and […]