GI Distress….Oh Boy!


GI distress finally hit me yesterday.  I’m not sure what it was but I am glad it happened yesterday which is 3 weeks prior to Ironman Texas.  I got started at 10:30am which is about 3 hours later than I would normally start as well as 3.5 hours later than the race will start.  I […]

Ironman Saint George Is Now Half-Ironman Saint George


Ironman Saint George known for its beauty and its difficulty has been changed from an Ironman to a 70.3 Half-Ironman.  I spent quite a bit of time observing both Twitter and Facebook for reaction to this change.  There were a lot of opinions and most were not in favor of this switch.  This led me to […]

Frugal Grocer – Wise Shopping


The Frugal Grocer series has not been posted to in sometime, and that is mainly because I have been forgetful when it comes to taking pictures of my food and don’t want to bore you with just a grocery list.  Rest assured that I have kept to my $50 per week budget and last week spent […]

Cookie Monster


Cookie Monster is the nickname given to me by my wonderful wife.  That or El Snackito and that is because I am always perusing the house for a snack.  An apple is a snack.  Carrots and Celery is a snack.  Rip’s Big Bowl is a snack, but the real snack for me is cookies. I […]

Ironman Texas – Weeks 17 and 18


Ironman Texas is now less than one month away.  It is a day I have been preparing for nearly a year.  I remember the feeling of euphoria and fear when I hit the register button and they processed my credit card.  The adrenaline coursed through my veins like a runaway train.  It was unbelievable to […]



IronWill is my new branding campaign for any Iron-Distance race.  I may even start a whole movement behind this because becoming an Ironman take just that: Will.  You have to be willing to sacrifice time with family and friends.  You have to be willing to sacrifice your Saturday and Sunday afternoons at the very least. […]

Laugh Or Throw Up?


Laughing and throwing up both require your core so this could be a good exercise for those of you, like me, that skipped your core workout yesterday (don’t worry I’m going to the gym this afternoon to get it in.)  As you know I love going to the site Food Republic.  Food Republic is a […]

Mental Toughness Thursdays


Mental Toughness Thursdays are going to be my version of Thankful Thursday or Three Things Thursday.  Since Ironman training started I have found Thursday to be the toughest day of the week to train.  It is my hump day in that all the training and working leading up to this day has added up and […]

Brown Rice Muffins From The FeedZone


Brown Rice Muffins sounded perfect to me the moment I saw them in The FeedZone Cookbook.  Ever since I made Pancake Muffins I have always thought of other ways to make food in a handy bite size way.  Today on my run I thought about Lasagna Muffins and even Quesadilla Muffins.  Recipes will have to […]

Peanut Butter Cup Ice Cream


Peanut Butter Cups might be my favorite candy of all time.  I make my own so I know everything that goes into those little candies of heaven.  Not having the patience to melt chocolate and then wait for them to form in the fridge I took it upon myself to make ice cream.  Seeing as […]