Do You Need A Coach?


Do you need a coach?  That is a question I get a lot when discussing triathlon and running.  As an RRCA certified coach I always say yes because I want them to become clients and pay me gobs of money……just kidding its not gobs.  Seriously though I say it is up to you on whether […]

RooSports Product Giveaway


As you know – I am not a big fan of race belts on the run.  They tend to ride up on me and end up sitting under my chest like an oversized heart rate monitor… not good for race pictures but awesome for a laugh. I thought it would be good to invent something […]

Reflections Of A Triathlete


I was perusing Facebook and came across two posts in my timeline that got me thinking about how I got to where I am today and how I got started in this lifestyle.  It has been an unbelievable journey and it amazes me that it has just started.  Along the way I have met and spoken […]

Ironman Texas – Lessons Learned

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Ironman Texas is now over a week old and while I am still basking in the glory and greeting everybody I see with Hi, I’m Jason and I’m an Ironman it is time to let it go and focus on the future.  In order for me to focus on the future I need to have […]

Ironman Texas Video Review


Ironman Texas is now in the rear view mirror but I am going to bask in the glow of the accomplishment for the next week or so.  And I say that because I realized yesterday thanks to KC and Summer that Ironman Arizona is 25 weeks away.  I’m not sure what Coach has planned for […]

Frugal Grocer – On The Way Back


Frugal Grocer took a major step away from the blog world when peak training reached 20-25 hours per week.  After that came taper and my repertoire of eating was either veggie tacos or stir fry.  Not a lot of cooking unless you count spreading homemade almond/peanut butter on rice cakes with sliced banana and honey. […]

Ironman Texas – Run Recap


Ironman Texas – Swim Recap can be found here. Ironman Texas – Bike Recap can be found here. ========================================== After telling Scott I felt great it was time to head to the Run Gear bags.  I yelled out my number and the volunteer pointed me to where it was.  I ran down there and was […]

Ironman Texas – Bike Recap


Ironman Texas swim recap was posted yesterday and so we will pick up the story where that left off. ==================== I got out of the water and up the stairs and saw the clock read 1:34:xx.  I then heard somebody say:  There goes Jason Bahamundi and I turned around and thanked them but had no […]

Ironman Texas – Swim


Ironman Texas was an incredible day all around.  I cannot say it enough but this day was exciting, fun, phenomenal, inspiring, motivating, intense and a just a great time. In case you do not know I finished the race in 11:59:51 and for every second of that day I smiled.  There was never a moment […]

Ironman Texas Race Morning

Ironman Texas starts in 2 hours 10 minutes and I am in the hotel room on my BlackBerry reviewing my race plan. I even wrote it on my hands so I don’t go acting like a Jackass and ruin the day. I have so many people to thank for getting me to this point that […]