A Life Without Limits by Chrissie Wellington Book Review


  A Life Without Limits by Chrissie Wellington was the first book I purchased on the new iPad.  Before I get into the book review I will say that the purchase of the iPad is so worth it just for reading books.  I love it and have already purchased my second read…..the 909 page book […]

Wednesday Recipe


Wednesday recipe is a lot of fun for me.  I get to spend a week looking for a recipe to recreate while also making the previous week’s recipe.  Last week I presented the grilled tofu with crispy scallions recipe from FoodRepublic.com.  You can find the original recipe here and here are the changes I made: […]

The Sweet Science


The sweet science for me while I was growing up was boxing.  My father and I would sit on the couch and watch ABC’s Wide World of Sports with Howard Cosell and Jim McKay.  I watched fighters like Roberto Duran, Sugar Ray Leonard, Marvelous Marvin Hagler and Thomas ‘Hit Man’ Hearns (isn’t Hit Man a […]

Brunch At The Bahamundi’s


Brunch on the weekends is one of the best meals anybody will ever enjoy.  It has the perfect combination of breakfast and lunch at that mid-morning timing.  You are not waking up too early and yet you are not waiting all day long to eat.  It really is perfect. Yesterday, Karen decided to get out […]

I Am A No Meat Athlete But I Care…..


I am a No Meat Athlete but I do care about our environment and I do care about what carnivores put into their mouths. Robert Kenner, the writer/director of Food Inc (you can read my review here) has created a new short video called Meat Without Drugs.  This is again very well done as it does […]

Household Of Endurance Athletes


The household of endurance athletes looks no different then that of the non-endurance athlete if you ignore the piles of sneakers, piles of food, baskets of laundry and ……wait a minute the house is just like any other house isn’t it? Yesterday my friend (yes I hang around national publication writers) Susan Lacke wrote an […]

Wordless Wednesday Recipes


Wordless Wednesday is fairly popular amongst the blogging community and so I’m jumping in with two feet and a saute (because I don’t fry) pan. On Wednesday’s I am going to feature a recipe that I have found on the internet or was sent to me and then during the week test it out and […]



Just is a word I hear quite often when discussing endurance sports with others.  Let’s list a few of the things that get the adjective (it is in this case, trust me) JUST: I just ran 3 miles. It was just a half-ironman. It was just a 45 minute swim. I did well but it […]

Ironman Arizona Week 2


Ironman Arizona training is now into its third week and today (Monday June 18th) I can say I had the first good swim of the entire cycle to date.  For some reason my swim has been nothing but a fight between me, the water and my brain.  My body wants to cooperate but my head […]

Ironman Arizona Bike Setup


Ironman Arizona is still nearly 5 months away but I am getting mentally focused for this day.  Having the experience of having just raced Ironman Texas I want to put my lessons to good use and train over the next 20+ weeks with the focus on making AZ a fast race. With that in mind […]