Adversity in a training session or a race is going to happen.  It is inevitable and it seems that today I have read three or four pieces that discussed adversity.  As I was reading them I was taken back to my big ring issue in Puerto Rico, my brake issue at Ironman Texas, the tune-up […]

Glycogen Depletion Training


Glycogen depletion training is a phrase that I heard from the Great MissZ about a month or so ago.  At the time I thought to myself:  Why would you do this?  Why would you purposely not use carbs to help fuel your workouts and races.  It wasn’t much prior to that message from MissZ that […]

Why Ironman Arizona?


If you have not been reading this blog for a while you may not know why Ironman Arizona is as important to me as it is.  I figured that with 7 weeks left until race day I would let you in on why this race has more meaning than any other race I have ever […]

You Cannot Make This Stuff – Part II

Before I start Let me apologize for any misspellings or odd phrases as I am typing this on my iPad and it is not easy.  Once the laptop returns to its home we will be back to posting once per day during the week.  Thank you for your patience. Here are the fine 5 of […]

Are You An Ironman?


Are you an Ironman? That seems to be a rather simple question right? You either went 140.6 miles or you didn’t, but it really isn’t that simple. Recently I was asked if you can get the M-Dot tattoo only if you have done a WTC race. My first inclination was that the distance was the […]

You Cannot Make This Stuff Up


You cannot make up some of the stuff we see in the news, or what makes for news these days.  There is a Presidential race going on that will decide the future of America but today while perusing my favorite websites I came across article after article that were front and center and above any […]

Ironman Arizona Update


Ironman Arizona is a tad over 9 weeks away and the training is entering its peak phase for sure.  Coach doesn’t provide me the schedule in advance so I only know what I am doing for the week on Sunday afternoon/evenings.  I like it this way, and she plans it this way, because I can’t […]

I Love Carbs


I love carbs and I will not lie.  Carbs give me the energy I need to power through these workouts.  I hear athletes talking about avoiding carbs and it surprises me because I just don’t know where they are going to get their energy from if they don’t take in carbs.  A solid diet of […]

From Fat To Finish Line The Documentary


From Fat To Finish Line the documentary is a movie that is being put together by a friend of mine and I wanted to share a bit of it with you. My friend Jen Roe has been blogging about her up and down journey from being overweight to half marathon runner / marathon runner and […]

It Finally Happened!!!!


I finally had a day where I wanted to get off my bike, pick it up and throw it in the lake as I was riding over the bridge.  This happened to me on Saturday late morning and had I not had a great run after the bike and another on Sunday I am pretty […]