2013 Year In Review: Raves, Rants, Rage And Other Stuff Too

2013 year in review - cook train eat race

2013 Year In Review as done by me will have a handful of rants, rages, raves and other things along the way.  In short I am glad that 2013 is over and that we are moving forward like a runaway train into 2014.  That is not to say that there weren’t some good things that […]

Week 8 Of Ironman Chattanooga Challenge Comes And Goes

triathlon training - ironman chattanooga challenge - triathlon

The fact that the Ironman Chattanooga challenge is 8 weeks old is astounding.  It reminds me that while I am not specifically working on Ironman training the base that has been built-in the past 8 weeks and will continue to be built is all heading toward the A race of 2014 which is IMTN. As […]

Japanese Cuisine Made Simple Yet Very Tasty

japanese cuisine - recipe - vegan

Japanese cuisine for me was non-existent until I tried sushi for the first time which happened about 15 years ago.  Like most people the idea of raw fish was not appealing.  I had not bothered to look into whether or not there was more to sushi and if Japanese cuisine could be enjoyed.  Like the […]

Hoka One One Mafate Trail And Stinson Running Shoe Review

hoka one one - mafate - ultra trail running - review

Hoka One One came into my life about 2-3 years ago when Jeff showed them to us via social media.  My face looked like the Nile River with a cascade of tears from laughing so hard.  I immediately started calling him Neil Armstrong because they looked like moon boots.  Not long after that Kevin began […]

Breakfast got lost. I rediscovered it and it has changed.

breakfast - weight loss - healthy - diet

Breakfast, as it should come as no surprise by now, is my favorite meal of the day.  I find that making breakfast foods is simple and fast and nourishing.  I also find those meals to be comforting but about two months ago I had made a fatal error in my judgement and breakfast became a […]

Heather Jackson Reminds Me Hard Works Pays Off

hard work

Heather Jackson ranks right at the top of my favorite triathletes, male or female, to watch and root for.  I put her up there with Mirinda Carfrae and Caroline Steffen.  I think that my rooting interest is in the fact that all of these ladies are tremendous runners off the bike and that is the […]

Triathlon Training For Ironman Chattanooga? – Review Of Week 7

triathlon training - ironman chattanooga challenge - triathlon

Triathlon training is what we are supposed to be doing but when you look at logs for both KC and I you see something completely different from swim, bike, run on an equal basis.  What you see is RUN, BIke, swim…….yup the two of us seem to be allergic to the pool and that is […]

Doping: I Have Been A Hypocrite But No Longer

doping - triathlon - olympics - lifetime ban

Doping is something that I cannot accept in any way shape or form. If you use HGh, testosterone, EPO, and everything in between then you should be banned from sport. There is no question about. If the rules state that you are not allowed to take Vitamin D supplements and you do then you are […]

Triathlon Sherpa Podcast Interview

triathlon sherpa - podcast - interview - jason bahamundi

Triathlon Sherpa founder Graham Ross and I ‘met’ via social media about a year ago.  I cannot recall how it came about but I think I was reading his blog and he was looking for guest posts and I offered my services.  From that point we started talking about working together on a podcast and […]

Is Endurance Nation Correct When It Comes To Swimming?

swimming - endurance nation - triathlon

Endurance Nation posted an article on their site on November 19th titled: Why Swimming Year-Round Can Be Hazardous To Your A Race.  It is an enlightening article and one that all triathletes regardless of their level should read.  For those of us that are not swimmers we dread going to the pool, and especially this time […]