Millet: A Mystery Ingredient?

millet - grain - ingredient - cooking

Millet was my mystery ingredient of my last shopping trip.  What does this mean you are asking yourself right about now and I have an answer for you.  In order to stay inspired in the kitchen I always purchase an ingredient that I have never worked with before or is finally in season again.  By […]

Strong Core = Strong Performance

core - triathlon - ironman

Core. Core. Core.  We all hear it and we all know we need to strengthen it but do we?  I know that for the first two-year in this sport my core work consisted of some crunches here and there and would ignore it other than that.  I knew it was important but who has time […]

Seeds Are Everywhere So Eat Them – Cook Train Eat Race

seeds - healthy - clean eating - benefits

Seeds are seemingly everywhere these days.  Pumpkin seeds.  Chia seeds (yes, those things from the commercials for ch-ch-chia-pets).  Flax Seeds.  Sunflower Seeds.  Just about any food blog or Instagram picture you look at is incorporating seeds in one way or another.  That is a great thing.  We should all be eating our seeds and no […]

Eggs: Nothing To Fear- Cook Train Eat Race

eggs - healthy - fats

Eggs have gotten a bad rap for a long time but it we need not fear the egg.  Last week I posted my top 5 Favorite Ingredients and eggs were one of them.  Why?  I listed some benefits and I will add more to this post but here are a few: High-quality protein. Beneficial to eyesight. […]

Quinoa And Black Beans Patty Recipe

quinoa and black bean - recipe - healthy eating - clean eating

Quinoa and Black Beans are a match made in heaven like peanut butter and jelly or chocolate and peanut butter so as I was writing out my meal plan for the week I knew I wanted this combination at some point.  As a kid growing up in a Puerto Rican household rice and beans was […]

Swimming: It’s What I’m Doing

swimming - triathlon - ironman - training

Swimming is on my training schedule 4 times per week and I will say when I first saw that I was not thrilled.  I know that swimming is my weakness but to go to the pool 4 times in a week was daunting.  Then something happened along the way and I am falling in ‘like’ […]

My 5 Favorite Ingredients

ingredients - food - healthy

Ingredients are the backbone to any meal but when condensing this and getting it down to 5 ingredients was very difficult.  How do you choose between eggplant and zucchini?  How about red pepper flakes and honey?  The list could have gone on and on but I didn’t want to bore you and so 5 ingredients […]

Cheating And The Lance Armstrong Saga

cheating - sports - triathlon

Cheating is cheating so let’s get that out-of-the-way to start.  Do not tell me there are levels to cheating because there aren’t.  It is just cheating.  If an athlete uses testosterone, EPO or HGH OR they are drafting on the bike they are cheating.  Either way they are gaining an advantage over the other competitors […]

Triathlete: My Definition

triathlete - my - definition - ironman - triathlon

Triathlete: My Definition On Sunday I had a revelation that led me to think that being a triathlete was much different from I had imagined.  Some of you may call me a triathlete based on the completion of two Ironman races (Texas, Arizona) last year along with 4 Half-Iron distance races in the past two […]

Cream Of Broccoli Soup Recipe

cream of broccoli soup - recipe - healthy eating

Cream of broccoli soup was never something I ever wanted to eat growing up.  As a matter of fact I’m not sure I want to eat it now but after making this recipe I think it is something that can be a regular part of my diet in the winter or summer.  Before we get […]