Healthy Fats: Are You Getting Them In Your Diet

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Healthy fats are another buzzword that seems to be making the rounds of the interwebs and since I just posted about my body fat percentage coming down I thought it would be an opportune time to discuss the healthy fats that I consume on a regular and daily basis.  I also posted about the term […]

What Is In My Pantry?

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I wrote a blog post for Nicole over at NEO Endurance titled What’s In Your Pantry? and it showcased what was in pantry at the time of the writing.  I have since updated my pantry with some extra ‘new’ foods that I wanted to add to this list because I think they are important.  For […]

Fat-Free Products: Are They What You Want To Eat?

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Fat Free!  Fat Free!  Fat Free! All the commercials and advertisements are screaming FAT FREE.  I see it all over Instagram and Facebook and just about anywhere else you look but what is amazing to me is the lack of thought as to how a certain food is fat-free.  I take my biggest issues with products […]

Body Fat – My Story Of Losing It

body fat percentage - weight loss - ironman - triathlon

Body Fat Percentage has been on the tips of other blog writers finger tips for a couple of weeks now and I wanted to take some time to tell my story about body fat percentage.  I could take you back to when I weighed 175 pounds and was not in any shape other than round […]

Dried Cranberry Pecan Lime Waffles

pecan lime waffles - recipe - breakfast - vegetarian

Dried Cranberry Pecan Lime Waffles were created on February 20th which was the 10th day of my current 12 day #wafflestreak.  Yes, #wafflestreak is a hashtag I use that was created by FatFluential and one that I take great pride in.  Not all the waffles in the streak are breakfast or brunch.  They aren’t always sweet, […]

Chocolate Pistachio Waffles And Vegan Strawberry Ice Cream

chocolate pistachio waffles - diet - lifestyle - clean eating

Chocolate Pistachio Waffles has been on my meal plan menu for nearly one week now and I wanted desperately to move it up into the week but I also knew that I was going to be riding for three hours and running for 30 minutes and needed something to look forward to.  Then again there […]

Kiwi – It’s What I Am Currently Enjoying

kiwi - fruit - health - diet

Kiwi, or the longer version Kiwifruit, is native to southern China and is currently a commercial crop in countries such as Italy, New Zealand, Chile, Greece and France.  More importantly than that kiwi is what I am currently enjoying on a nightly basis. I have enjoyed kiwi in the past but it is never a […]

Yoga And Swimming: Perfect Partners – Cook Train Eat Race

yoga and swimming - balance - benefits - triathlon

Yoga and swimming are now a pair just like peanut butter and jelly or chocolate and peanut butter are a pair.  Why are yoga and swimming such a terrific combination you may ask and I am here to tell you why but a little background information first. When I lived in New York I attended a […]

Healthy Diet Tips Guest Post

healthy diet tips - lifestyle - food

Healthy Diet tips seem to come in all forms, shapes and sizes.  It also depends on your ‘healthy diet’ as you can eat a diet of vegan, vegetarian, pescetarian, locto-ovo vegetarian, paleo, etc and they all have different guidelines for you to follow.  To me it is about choosing the diet that fits your lifestyle […]

Embrace The Suck – Benefits Of The Bike Trainer

embrace the suck - triathlon - ironman - bike

Embrace The Suck. Embrace The Suck Embrace The Suck If you repeat the phrase Embrace The Suck enough it soon begins to get easier.  What am I talking about?  I could be talking about life, but I am referring to riding the trainer.  Putting your bike on the trainer for 1 or even 2 hours […]