Ironman Texas – Monthly Plus Progress Report

Ironman Texas - monthly progress report - triathlon - training

Ironman Texas is coming up Fast And Furious (Karen loves these movies and I think we are slated to see #6 soon) and I am behind on my monthly progress report.  Let’s also toss in the fact that the email I got from Maria this week with the subject:  Welcome To Build Phase leads me […]

Knock, Knock. Who’s There? Orange…..


Orange you glad I didn’t say orange again?  Do you remember that knock knock joke when you were growing up?  Maybe you just told that joke to your kids but either way this post is not about knock knock jokes but about orange and specifically food that is colored orange. This post was inspired when […]

Goji Berries: My Newest Fixation For My Diet

goji berries - healthy - fruit - diet

Goji Berries were such a mystery to me for a long time.  I would see pictures on Instagram on top of smoothies or as a topping to pancakes or waffles and would wonder what they were.  I would read the words goji berries but it never resonated with me.  I even received a box of Rise […]

Cornmeal Waffle And Eggs In Purgatory Recipe

waffle recipe - brunch - egg - cornmeal

Waffle recipe has become a staple in my meal planning and when I sit down on Sunday I am looking for various ways to incorporate my waffle recipe.  I have made sweet and savory waffles.  Small and large waffles but one item that I had been neglecting has been a cornmeal waffle.  I made cornmeal pancakes […]

Triathlon Anatomy Book Review – Cook Train Eat Race

triathlon - book review - ironman - triathlon anatomy

  Triathlon Anatomy by Mark Klion,MD and Troy Jacobson Book Review   Triathlon Anatomy has a great title and authors.  The lure was cast and the hook went in deep and I purchased as soon as I could based on these two items.  Unfortunately I could not wiggle off the line and finished the book […]

Meal Planning For A Triathlete

meal planning - diet - training - exercise

Meal planning is a topic that drives people away, but I am drawn to it. I enjoy the meal planning and making sure the needs of my training for triathlon are met.  Food is fuel as I have said many times but in reality it is more than that.  Food brings us back to our […]

Half-Ironman Race Comparison

half ironman - race - comparison - triathlon

Half Ironman Comparison I have raced 5 Half Ironman races over 4 different courses and each one has presented its own difficulties.  Some are harder on the bike or run and others showcased a difficult swim.  This is what makes it nearly impossible to compare race times of Ironman or Half Ironman events, even the […]

Ironman 70.3 San Juan Race Report

ironman san juan - race report

Ironman San Juan 70.3 is now history but it wasn’t without its ups and downs.  Fortunately for me the ups far outweighed the downs.  I went into Ironman San Juan with no goal time expectations and just looking to execute the race plan that Maria, John and I set out for myself.  The goals were […]

Blog Carnival #Endurance Foodies – Mediterranean Cuisine

blog carnival - malta - cuisine - recipe - mediterranean

Blog Carnival is back for the second installment and this time the blog carnival is centered on Mediterranean Cuisine.  The topic was chosen long before the report came out that eating a mediterranean diet is better for your health. Essentially the study showed that there was a heart benefit to eating the Mediterranean diet but […]

Protein Is What Everybody Is Talking About

protein - whey - casein - exercise - diet

Protein is on the lips and in the fingertips of everybody, regardless if they are an endurance athlete or not.  If I tell somebody I am a vegetarian, and now a days I tell them I am plant-based, they ask me where I get my protein.  When I respond that I pick it up when […]