70.3 San Juan Goals

703_ironman_sanjuan_logoThis 70.3 San Juan goals post has been written and re-written then deleted and resurrected more times than Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees but I’m finally putting it out there.  You saw the time I am shooting for in the Ironman Texas Training Video – Week 12 but I am going to break it down and provide you (really me) rationale for why it will happen.  When you get around to reading this post I will be in the air on the way back to the Mother Land in the anticipation of setting a PR in PR.


The swim is the discipline that I have worked the hardest at and the one in which my improvements I’m most proud of.  Since December 11th I have swum a total of 61 miles.  I have been focusing on my form and being long and straight.  A few days ago I focused on pushing my chest down which would allow my feet to raise and my paces picked up by 4 seconds with LESS effort.  I should have been doing that ever since I read it but better late than ever.  My times were 1:38/100y and when you convert that to meters it comes out to 1:47.  Assuming I cannot swim that fast in the open water and history has proven itself to be true.  My times were about 1:55/100y when I did Austin and swam a 2:04/100m so add 10 seconds to 1:47 and you get 1:57/100m.

The 1:57/100m translates to 37:30 for the 1.2 mile swim.

Goal:  35:00 – 37:00 (previous PR 40:07)



99% Flat I Would Say

After the ride on the Ironman Texas course where I averaged 19.5mph for 92 miles my confidence of being able to meet the 19.85mph I averaged at 70.3 Austin soared.  Then I looked at the elevation map of the Puerto Rico course and that confidence went sky-high and made me think about whether or not it was possible to go faster than that.  If you look at the elevation map you notice there are what appear to be two huge peaks, but look closer.  Do you notice that it goes from 30 feet to 60 feet over the course of ~1 – 1.5 miles.  We call those Texas Hills and I’m used to riding them but really that is a roller.  Total gain of less than 400 feet over 56 miles and I am thinking that going 21 mph is a possibility.  Like California and Austin it will be wise to control myself out of the gate and get a feel for my legs.  Of course the wild card here is the wind, but that I cannot control.

Goal: 2:40 – 2:45 (previous PR 2:49)



Looks Daunting But Look At Distances And Climbs

The one area that I always felt was my best discipline has bitten me in the a$$ in my two Half-Ironman races.  Like any other race I have to control myself out of the gate and I have not done that previously.  After reading how to run the marathon at an Ironman all of my training has been focused on running at a pace that would allow me to PR the distance in a triathlon, but leave me feeling strong enough to bury my head and push as hard as I can instead of struggling to finish.

I did not pick my goal time out of the blue but instead studied how I had performed in Cali and Austin along with what my PR in a stand-alone half marathon has been.  I then also ran the Stonebridge Half-Marathon with that pace in mind and executed my perfect race.

My goal is to go out at 8:15/mile pace for two miles, re-asses and figure out if I need to hold that pace or if I can drop down to 8:00/mile and in the last 1-2 miles go like I watched Jeff and Kevin do at The Woodlands Marathon.  No Guts, No Glory.

Goal: 1:42 – 1:45 (previous PR 1:47)

Transitions are going to be the key to getting a good time.  The run from the water to T1 seems to be a long one and thus I am adding one minute to my T1 pace from Austin, which nets out to my average from California.  In California there was a weird exit from the water and wrap around rails to get to T1.  Overall I expect to have around 6 minutes in transition.

Overall Goal: 5:03 – 5:13

My goal is to be in the Top 30 and to do that, based on last year, I would need to be in at 5:10.  No Guts, No Glory


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  1. Get ‘er done big guy! Good luck, those goals are reasonable but ambitious at the same time. Good call.
    Carolina John recently posted..Tobacco Trail FTM!My Profile

  2. go get ’em
    MilesMusclesMom recently posted..Wordless WednesdayMy Profile

  3. You’ve got the guts, now go get the glory.
    Shut Up and Run recently posted..8th Grade Rocks!My Profile

  4. wow that is great improvement on the swim!!! Way to go! Frankly I’m terrified to attempt another 70.3 Can’t wait to hear all about this!!
    Mamarunsbarefoot recently posted..Five For FridayMy Profile

  5. Hope you get it, Lord knws you’ve been training enough…
    Patrick Mahoney recently posted..For When You Come Visit Me…My Profile

  6. Karen says:

    Have a great race!
    Karen recently posted..The mystery of the disappearing blog…My Profile

  7. B.o.B. says:

    Best of luck Bahaman! I don’t think you need luck really! I’m excited to see your swim time. It gives me hope that if I truly get down with my biking that I can see results in the area I need it most.

    KILL IT!

  8. misszippy says:

    Looks like everything is in place to me. Go kill it out there. A PR in PR! I like it.
    misszippy recently posted..Call me the skee ball queenMy Profile

  9. Jon says:

    Kick some ass Jason!!!
    Jon recently posted..Mentally Preparing Myself for the Next PRMy Profile

  10. katie says:

    VROOM! go kick some ass!
    katie recently posted..random friday factsMy Profile

  11. Jeff Irvin says:

    Go execute your plan! Good luck and enjoy some beach time!
    Jeff Irvin recently posted..Ironman Mont-Tremblant Training Week #1My Profile

  12. Caroline says:

    Jason…I wish you nothing but the best
    A great race
    that you get to execute your plan
    that you are happy and proud in the end
    you worked hard you deserve a good race, no a GREAT one.
    Caroline recently posted..Divorcing the Brooks Pure Flow…I ThinkMy Profile

  13. Mike Ransick says:

    Good Luck Jason! I predict sub-5, you have been a training machine.

  14. Megan says:

    Have a great race! May the waters be calm, the wind at your back and your legs strong!
    Megan recently posted..Feel Good RoutineMy Profile

  15. Thank you all for your support. It means a lot and pushes me to go harder and that is invaluable.

  16. lindsay says:

    have a great race!!!!!
    lindsay recently posted..because i canMy Profile

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