A Life Without Limits by Chrissie Wellington Book Review


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Karen And Chrissie Wellington At Ironman Texas 2012

A Life Without Limits by Chrissie Wellington was the first book I purchased on the new iPad.  Before I get into the book review I will say that the purchase of the iPad is so worth it just for reading books.  I love it and have already purchased my second read…..the 909 page book by Marcus Samuelsson titled Yes, Chef.

OK, now that we are through with that tiny disclaimer let’s get into my review of this book.

Having watched Chrissie Wellington from a far during the broadcast of the Ironman World Championships I had some clue as to her story.  We all know that she is undefeated at the Ironman race distance as well as her injuries just prior to the 2011 World Championships and this book goes into that a bit, but there was a lot more that I learned about her and my respect for her has grown.

In the book we learn that her passion truly is in helping others in any way she can.  She once worked for the British Government through a position that had her talking and negotiating with the political elite.  It was during her time doing that where she discovered that helping people was not going to be done while sipping cocktails at ultra-expensive hotels.  Knowing her place in the world comes through quite a bit in this book.

Another fascinating tid bit I learned was that she has pushed and ridden a bike through Nepal on a ‘course’ that no bike was ever to be on.  Imagine this tiny woman pushing a bike that probably weighs as much as her through the toughest terrain known to man and coming out the other side doing what she does best…..smile.  A true inspiration to venture outside of your ‘comfortable’ world and do something uncomfortable.

The last piece of information I am going to share with you from her book is that she has a lot of GI issues prior to races.  The face of the sport having major GI issues would not be a big deal, but having them before EVERY race?  I was surprised by this as well as to how in-depth she gets.  My surprise lies in the fact that she is a 4x World Champion and I would have expected her to have sorted this out.  Maybe we all get race day nerves and some just show up in different ways than others.

I found this book to be an easy read.  One that tells her story of life growing up and life as a World Champion.  We learn about her personal life as well as her professional life.  Her dealing with her original coach, her 2nd coach and her current coach.  We are given a glimpse into her mindset while she it out training and racing and dealing with injuries.

If you are at all interested in the sport of triathlon I would highly suggest you read this.  The book brings a person who would be considered famous and into your living room to enjoy a hot cup of tea and chat.

Have You Read A Life Without Limits?  What Were Your Thoughts?

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  • http://www.midwestmultisportlife.com Kovas – Midwest Multisport Life

    I read this book and really enjoyed it. She has a persona of being a very normal person, and that came through in her writing. Maybe a bit too modest, but better than being overly-arrogant!
    Kovas – Midwest Multisport Life recently posted..Vasque Footwear Velocity 2.0 Trail Running ShoeMy Profile

  • http://www.dashingdiva.net Robin Johnson

    I’ve been thinking of ordering this book…but now I will for sure!

  • http://milesmusclesmommyhood.blogspot.com MilesMusclesMom

    did not read it and only glanced at the pic of your beautiful wife and my BFF for a second,
    will read later….
    MilesMusclesMom recently posted..Friday FunMy Profile

  • http://trainingsmoker.blogspot.com Carolina John

    I can’t wait to get my hands on that book. Soon enough.
    Carolina John recently posted..This Week’s FruitMy Profile

  • http://cautiouslyaudacious.blogspot.com/ Natasha

    I already admire everything she’s accomplished, I’ll have to go get this book now!
    Natasha recently posted..Dear Deployed HubsMy Profile

  • http://www.shesaidineedagoal.com adena

    I haven’t started this book yet. I got two copies with the intent of having her sign them and I will keep the hardcopies for that and will buy a digital copy for my ipad. Like you I love reading on my ipad! I honestly didn’t think for a second I would enjoy it but I do. I also love that I can highlight favourite passages and go back to read them again and again.

    Thanks for the post, happy to know the book is everything I hoped it would be.

  • http://www.eternalrecess.com Rose @ Eternal Recess

    This was my first iPad purchase too! Loved the book. I found her story very inspiring. I had no idea that she came out of nowhere to become the world’s best as well as the numerous issues she dealt with along the way.
    Rose @ Eternal Recess recently posted..St.Croix 70.3 Race RecapMy Profile

  • http://www.beatinglimitations.com Donna

    Feel free to throw darts.

    I respect Wellington as one of the world’s greatest ever athletes. But I hated this book.

    I’ll throw my review up on my site next week.

    • http://cooktraineatrace.com CTER

      I will read the review but what didn’t you like about the book?

      • http://www.beatinglimitations.com Donna

        She alludes to the problem she has with control. To me she clearly couldn’t cede control of “her message” to a good editor. The book needed a good editor. The message was diluted and the focus was scattered. The potential was there for a more powerful message…
        Donna recently posted..Swirling Thoughts – 5 for FridayMy Profile

  • Mike

    Chrissie’s book was the first one I downloaded to my iPad too :-). I really enjoyed the book. Whenever I see her interviewed, she always seems so real, elite athlete, but real. The book just reinforced her image for me.

  • June Summers

    It sounds like a really amazing book. I am looking forward to reading it because Wellington happens to be one of my idols among the athletes. Thanks a lot for the post.
    June Summers recently posted..Kim Kardashian Air Yeezy SneakersMy Profile

  • http://www.discombobulatedrunning.blogspot.com B.o.b.

    Reading it now and really enjoying it. Love how she wants to use the platform for charity. Super interesting look at coaching conflicts too.

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