Are There Foods That Will Help You Live Longer?

As anybody who knows me will tell you I want to live forever.  I enjoy living life and experiencing everything that comes with it.  I believe that life is a group of lessons that we learn from whether the experience is good or bad.  For each experience we go through we take away a lesson, and I try to apply those lessons to the next day and continue to keep the ball rolling in that manner.

The whole life gives you lemons you make lemonade out of it is something I truly believe in.  So with that being said living forever and experiencing life is what I want to do.  Can you imagine talking to a 21 year old in 30 years from now and how different their life would be compared to your life at 21 years of age?  Can you imagine what lessons you could learn from them?  It is like being that old man that smells a babies head to get some youth from them.

In order to live a long time you need to be able to combine both healthy living with a healthy lifestyle.  Exercise combined with diet will allow you to keep going, but of course nothing is guaranteed so you better enjoy each day like its your last.

There are ways that you can extend your life, or so they say, because you never know when your time card needs to be punched.  One of those ways is to eat certain foods.  Here is a list of foods that you should eat that will help extend your life along with some suggestions of what you can make with these foods.


Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and vegetable provide significant amounts of antioxidants, which enhance your body’s ability to defend itself from infections and diseases. Diets based upon fruits and vegetables are also associated with healthy weight management, which can reduce your risk for an array of serious medical conditions, including type two diabetes, heart disease and certain forms of cancer. According to Willcox, Willcox and Suzuki, the Okinawans, a culture in Japan who demonstrate more longevity than any other culture in the world, consume more than seven servings of fruits and vegetables per day. To reap maximum benefits from fruits and vegetables, incorporate various varieties into your meals and snacks on a regular basis. In addition to improving your nutrient intake, eating more fruits and vegetables at your meals can help you consume lesser amounts of foods denser in calories, such as meat, fats and starches.

I recently purchased two fruits I had never heard of before.  The first is the apriplum, which is a hybrid of an apricot and a plum.  The variety I picked up are small but they are so juicy and tasty.  The second is a plumcot which is a hybrid of a plum and an apricot.  Seems they would be the same right?  They are different though. Different in color and taste but similar in size.  They both are very very good but fall short of my favorite hybrid fruit which is the pluot.  The pluot is juicier and much bigger and is only around for a few weeks.  Find these fruits and add them to your diet to create variety.

Whole Grains

Whole grains, such as whole wheat, oats, barley, spelt, brown rice and quinoa, provide rich amounts of vitamins, minerals and fiber. According to research published in the “Journal of the American College of Nutrition” in 2000, eating whole grains may help you live longer. In the study, 11,040 post-menopausal women followed either a diet based upon whole grain or a diet based on refined grains for the course of eleven years. At the end of the study, 17 percent fewer deaths occurred in the women who consumed whole grains. Since both groups of women consumed similar amounts of fiber, researchers speculated that whole grain foods provide more benefits than refined carbohydrates with added fiber. For optimum wellness and longevity benefits, replace enriched breads, pasta, rice, cereals and snack foods with whole grain equivalents most often. When buying whole grain-based foods, check food packaging to ensure that whole grains are listed as main ingredients.

I made this change a long time ago and have never been happier.  I enjoy whole wheat pasta and breads as they add a nutty taste to my food.  As a matter of fact every morning starts with a slice of whole grain toast with peanut butter and either sliced banana or raisins.  I also eat 5-6 nut butter and jelly/jam sandwiches every week.  Also, if I am making a burrito or a Mexican Egg Roll (recipe to come) I will add brown rice to it.

Fatty Fish

Fatty fish provide rich amounts of Omega-3 fatty acids — essential fats you must obtain from dietary sources. According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, Omega-3 fats may improve your heart health and brain function, reduce symptoms of depression and schizophrenia and help prevent forms of cancer, including breast, colon and prostate cancer. Fatty fish also play a significant role in Okinawans’ diets. For improved wellness and longevity, consume fatty fish, such as salmon, tuna, trout, halibut, mackerel, herring and flounder, routinely. If you do not consume fatty fish regularly, other sources of Omega-3 fatty acids include ground flaxseed, flaxseed oil, walnuts, walnut oil and canola oil.

I don’t eat fish but I do get my Omega-3 fatty acids from eating nuts and using canola oil.  I also eat flaxseed and typically add it to my overnight oats or pancake mix.  It is so easy to add flaxseed to just about anything you eat it would be a shame to not add it.  Another item that is not listed are Chia Seeds which are known to contain more Omega-3 than salmon and are easier to digest than flaxseeds and there is no need to grind them down.  Chia seeds can be added to just about anything the way you would use flaxseed.

** List from in this article [HERE]

What are your thoughts on living for a long time?  Have you incorporated these items into your diet?


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  1. Morgan says:

    Thanks for compiling all this!!! I’m attempting to get my diet back on track since I’ve been eating like crap every since I got injured.
    Morgan recently posted..Tuesday Trial- Running on Empty Book Review &amp GiveawayMy Profile

    • Jason says:

      It’s easy to fall out of favor with your diet when you are not exercising. I had a hard time with my recovery and was eating everything in sight.

  2. Shutupandrun says:

    I’m living forever too. Now if I could just kick my five pack a day habit. Just kidding.

    Great advice. I eat pretty well, but could always be better. With HIM training I really have to watch my diet to be sure I’m getting enough calories and that what I’m eating is fueling me for my workouts. I’m all over the oatmeal with a huge dollop of almond butter thrown in.

    • Jason says:

      If we live forever then that gives us a lifetime of fart jokes….we may die from running out of oxygen from laughter.

  3. Scott says:

    You are like my girl, you both buy weird things in the store to try them out, I am not that adventurous.

    Did you parents use to say when you are a kid “the whiter the bread, the quicker your dead”?
    Scott recently posted..Ride for World Health- The Good- The Bad- The Really UglyMy Profile

    • Jason says:

      My parents did not say that b/c they ate white everything. My mother still eats white food it drives me nuts.

  4. marlene says:

    I am all over the chia seeds! I am getting better at trying new things to improve my overall health. Thanks for always providing such great info/ideas!

  5. Nora says:

    Totally agree!! Food can be a healer and can be death. We have such great food, natural food that our bodies needs and yes it can help us live longer!!!

  6. Jill says:

    I’ve never head of those fruits either….but heck if I am going to live forever, I am all over them!!!!!!!

  7. I definitely plan on living at least a VERY long time…AND to top it off, I plan on being VERY active the whole entire time. I have been eating near-vegan for about 20 years and recently started to really clean up my ‘diet’. I started eating fish about a year ago because of the health benefits but have decided to cut that out since it always makes me feel guilty afterwards.

    I Love Chia seeds, flaxseeds, hemp protein, quinoa, brown rice and eat about 11 servings of fruits and veggies a day. Hopefully, I am set for a long, healthy and active life
    Lynn~The Learning Curves Blogger recently posted..Cleaning upMy Profile

  8. lindsay says:

    oh gosh, yes fish and more fish! I swear if I could live off fish, wine, and spinach.. I would. I love the nutrients packed in there. Great article!
    lindsay recently posted..Blessings and BitesMy Profile

  9. Jeannie says:

    I incorporated a lot of these things into my family’s diet when my oldest was 1 year old. He was eating mostly solid foods and that is when I realized that I wanted my kids to start off eating healthy and not struggle with weight like I did or eat junk all the time because it was around. Since my kids have been raised this way, they have no issues eating 100% whole grain bread. My boys are picky about eat whole grains like brown rice and quinoa now even though they did eat it when younger, but it is just a phase. They will still gladly eat unhealthy fair when we are out but they don’t scoff at the stuff we eat at home and they are used to not having any junk around the house except the treat box which has dark chocolates in it and cozy shack pudding snacks. They gladly snack on nuts, fruit, yogurt, cheese, and whole grains with spreads. It annoys me when I hear parents complain that their kids only eat junk food. If they didn’t have it around the house, then it wouldn’t be an option period. That is my philosophy!
    Jeannie recently posted..The Importance of FuelingMy Profile

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