Athlete’s Plate by 4 year olds

So as I was getting ready to peruse through the nominated blog tonight and begin to build the ideas for an Athlete’s Plate based on that blogger when I remembered that I was given a Holiday Cookbook by Chico’s teacher when I picked him up the other day.  Karen and I have gone through this many times and laugh each and every time.

Go through the menu and let me know your favorite.

AP 1 Athlete’s Plate by 4 year olds
Chico on the cover….that boy has some cooking gear!!!!

AP 2 Athlete’s Plate by 4 year olds
Chocolate Chip Cookies and Chicken Pizza

AP 3 Athlete’s Plate by 4 year olds

Cheese Tacos and Pepperoni Pizza

ap 5 Athlete’s Plate by 4 year olds

Chocolate Ice Cream and PB & J

AP 7 Athlete’s Plate by 4 year olds

Cheesy Pasta and Fruity Green Beans

AP 8 Athlete’s Plate by 4 year olds

Texas Chicken and Spaghetti with Meat (not meatballs!)

AP 9 Athlete’s Plate by 4 year olds

Meat (not meatloaf!) with special sauce and Mashed Potatoes

AP 10 Athlete’s Plate by 4 year olds

Ice Cream Sundae

You can leave a comment after you stop laughing.

pf button both Athlete’s Plate by 4 year olds

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  1. Terri says:

    Hahaha – I love these! So cute – I think my favorite is the sundae with broccoli… what a way to get more veggies!

  2. Allison says:

    So cute!!!! I love on the pizza he says "cheeses" and then on the taco – orange cheese… I assume that means cheddar :)

  3. Julie says:

    Awww…the fruity green beans "take the cake"!

    Too cute!

  4. She said I need a goal says:

    I kinda want to make some of these.

  5. Jon says:

    49 jars of peanut butter for a sandwich? I just got thirsty thinking about how gummed up my mouth would be from all of that peanut butter!

    This is SO awesome!

  6. Jeff - DangleTheCarrot says:


  7. Caroline says:

    hilarious….I got one similar to this last year and we actually had to try to make some and then eat them….not all yummy!!!!
    I love the
    1 strawberry and the 2 CUPS of caramel!!!
    ha ha!!!

  8. JenniferLeah says:

    I am NOT eating Lilah's cheesy pasta but heck Marli's cheese tacos sound perfect (1 cup of cheese!!)

    Chuck Norris never wrote a cookbook.

  9. Big Daddy Diesel says:

    Now I am hungry

  10. Katie says:

    ahahah I can't pick a favorite, they are all awesome :D

  11. Aimee says:

    Aww…those cookbooks are so cute! I loved the PB & J one…so classic!

  12. Karen R says:

    The ice cream sundae recipe appears to be for 1 person…4 cups of ice cream, and 2 cups of carmel sauce! Hilarious!

  13. Jen says:


  14. Jason says:

    My favorite is the meat with special sauce.

    The directions call for cranking up your oven to 1000 degrees for 2 minutes.

    Then cook the carrots at 600 degrees for 1 minute.

    This all might work but I don't know if my oven goes to 1000 degrees.

  15. Shannon (IronTexasMommy) says:

    I'm going for the Cheese tacos. Can't get much simpler than that! :)

  16. Jill says:

    Hahah. My daughter's first grade did something similar in how to make a Thanksgiving dinner. Loved the one about how to make a turkey: you cuss at it, like my mom does. Another great one was: pour 5 gallons of sugar, an egg, and water. Bake for an hour.


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