Awesome Eats…..Take Two

Awesome eats debuted one week ago and in that time I have gone on a streak.  I am streaking on waffles.  I have made or consumed waffles everyday since Sunday.  That is correct.  I have had waffles as a meal for 5 straight days.  I have scarfed them down in the morning, at lunch and for dinner.  I am in the process of planning to make some savory waffles tomorrow for dinner.  Thanks to some people on Twitter (@distchocolic and @fatfluential) I will be dining on spinach and sun-dried tomato waffles tomorrow.  I am going to boil the spinach and then chop it up with the sun-dried tomatoes and add to my batter.

I am going to continue this streak as long as I keep getting inspired so send your thoughts in.  For example. today while eating my honey and cinnamon sauteed peaches and nectarine waffles I saw Chef Michael Chiarello on Cooking Channel whipping up white bean waffles and topping them with a baked egg and asparagus.  Ummm…..yes please!  I don’t have white beans but I do have chickpeas.  I don’t have asparagus but I do have broccoli and mushrooms.  There you go a baked egg on top of chickpea waffles with roasted broccoli and mushrooms over the top.

Without further ado here are the pics of the waffles from the streak along with a photo montage of my awesome eats from this past week.  As always, if you would like a recipe please contact me and I’ll get it to you right away.


Eats - Week5

Making Meals That Are Healthy And Fuel An Endurance Lifestyle

[img src=]8540Veggie Fries That Aren't Fried
[img src=]6840Polenta Topped Veggie Fries
[img src=]5850Sriracha Tops The Polenta To Add Spice
[img src=]5370Creamy Polenta Adds Texture And Flavor
[img src=]5300Waffles With Bananas And Strawberries
[img src=]5080The Crunch Of The Waffle Added To Sweetness Of Fruit
[img src=]4970A Couple Of Waffles Are Great For Recovery
[img src=]4850Fruit Fuels The Endurance Athlete
[img src=]4780Peaches Sauteed In Honey
[img src=]4730Oranges And Bananas Add To The Sweetness
[img src=]4700Quinoa Tacos
[img src=]4680Quinoa And Black Beans Add To The Taco Experience
[img src=]4610Roasted Veggies Add Crunch
[img src=]4110Chilaquiles El Diablo
[img src=]4080Homemade Tortillas Add To The Mom's Kitchen Taste OF The Meal
[img src=]4080Cilantro Is An Excellent Herb To Help Your Health
[img src=]4030Peaches, Nectarines, Grapes And Strawberries Top Waffles
[img src=]3980Fruit Cooked Down In Honey
[img src=]3970PB2 Added To Waffle Mix To Add Nutty Flavor
[img src=]3990Hummus Waffles
[img src=]3980Waffles Made With Chickpeas And Topped With Eggs And Broccoli
[img src=]3940The Chickpea Creaminess Adds To the Flavor And Texture
[img src=]3910Soft Yolks And Crispy Broccoli Work Well Together
[img src=]3880Spinach And Sun-Dried Tomato Waffles
[img src=]3880Buttery Textured Avocado Adds Contrast To Crunchy Waffles
[img src=]3860Roasted Corn On The Side
[img src=]3840Sun-Dried Tomato and Roasted Jalapeno Hummus
[img src=]3850Raw Veggies Used To Scoop Up Hummus
[img src=]3830Homemade Tortillas As A Vehicle To Scoop Up Hummus
[img src=]3840Quinoa Hash
[img src=]3810Roasted Veggies Under Quinoa Topped With Eggs
[img src=]3810As Always Sriracha Adds To Taste


Thank you for reading and please send in your ideas.

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  1. Marlene says:

    I tend to go on streaks like that, eating different variations of the same food over and over when I get inspired. Recently, it was stuffed sweet potato. I was stuffing/topping those bad boys daily with all different kinds of things! Ha!

    The waffles sound delish – especially the one with baked egg! Yes please.
    Marlene recently posted..Muskoka 70.3 Training – Week 4My Profile

  2. Victoria says:

    Sundried tomatoes…so salty. So delicious.

    Basil and pine nuts?
    Victoria recently posted..Culpeper International Triathlon RecapMy Profile

  3. Emily Woodhouse says:

    Chickpeas is quite good!
    Emily Woodhouse recently posted..Argan Oil CareMy Profile

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