Black Friday Giveaway and Black Knight Virtual 10K

Today is ‘Black Friday’ here in the US (This blog is followed in Canada, Japan and the UK amongst other countries) and while everybody is out shopping I am sitting in my living room with SportsCenter on and typing a blog post about a giveaway that triathletes, those with triathletes as friends/family, or any endurance athlete will want in on.

I am giving away a  copy of the movie ‘The Distance: A Triathlete’s Journey’ a film by Richard Ratay but before I provide you with the rules I want to provide you with a review of this movie.

I saw an ad for this movie while cruising through FaceBook and it captured my eye immediately because I had just decided that I was going to compete at the 70.3 Ironman California.  With my eyes now set on the prize I needed to know what I was getting into and this movie seemed like a great way to do that.

Once the movie arrived in the mail I immediately popped it into the DVD player and watched with my mouth open.  The movie follows 3 ordinary people, all from different backgrounds, preparing to do the extraordinary.

You are introduced to a newlywed who is expecting his first child just prior to the race and also loses his job.  There is the mother who is trying to balance life as an athlete in training and a family.  Then there is the college student who has all the temptations of college life around him.

In addition to the fact that they have all of these issues in their lives that they have to try to control, they have the issue of the weather that they cannot control.  These athletes are training during the winter in preparation for Ironman Wisconsin.  Running in the snow, riding the trainer indoors, and laps at the indoor pool are seen throughout this movie and is something I can now relate to.

I have watched this movie in full twice since I received it.  I have seen portions of it during training that helped motivate me and keep me moving.  It helps to make my training easier when I see that others have it harder or find a way to balance it all.

This movie is not about the elites or those turning pro.  It is about you and I.  The age-grouper who wants to reach for the stars and achieve their dreams.  You will go through the ups and downs with each of the athletes.  You will relate to each one in a different way.  You will smile proudly as accomplishments are achieved and you will get upset as setbacks are evidenced.

Doesn’t that sound like any really good movie that deserves nominations for awards?  This movie has it all and the best part is that it is real life and a life that we can all relate to as we have put one foot in front of the other on our own journey.

Rules for entry into the giveaway. 
Post a comment for each item to maximize your chances to win this terrific movie:
1- Be a follower or become a follower.  (This is for those that read my ramblings and still come back.)

2- Go to The Distance: A Triathlete’s Journey and watch one of three videos.  Tell me which you watched and your favorite part of the video

3- Leave a comment on The Distance: A Triathlete’s Journey stating why you want to win the video and let them know that you came for the Life of An Aspiring Triathlete blog giveaway.

Extra entries can be earned as well.  Let me know about the following with separate comments:
1- Like Marathon Makeover North Dallas on Facebook.
2- Follow Marathon Makeover North Dallas on Twitter
3- Post a banner and link to Marathon Makeover on your blog (let me know you did this so I can review it.)
4- Tweet using @MMNorthDallas in the tweet that this giveaway is going on
5- Post on your blog
6- Post on your Facebook account that this giveaway is going on using either @jason.bahamundi or @marathon makeover north dallas in the announcement.

That means you can have 9 entries to win this terrific movie.

Winner will be chosen via on Friday December 3rd at 5pm CST.

*Disclaimer:  I was not paid to review this movie or to give it away.  I approached Richard and asked if he would be willing to give away a copy of his movie and agreed.

Let’s just make this an all Black ‘Friday’ with the virtual race being run by the Black Knight.
Click on the link above to enter but essentially run a 10k (can be part of a larger run) and wear black of some sort during the run and then let B.K. know.  Simple.
Here is my pic of my Black Knight entry.
Me in my black PRR racing shirt, Coach C and wife Karen after
YMCA Dallas Turkey Trot 2010.

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  1. Lesley @ says:

    I'm a follower, as you know!

  2. Lesley @ says:

    I watched the movie trailer! Making it to the start is definitely the hardest part! Looks like a great watch.

  3. Lesley @ says:

    I joined and left them a comment… I want to win this for my brother!

  4. Lesley @ says:

    Already like Marathon Makeover on Facebook (not on twitter).

  5. Lesley @ says:

    I will post it on my blog sidebar (can't post it on facebook, my bro will see and know what I'm up to… LOL… actually he probably saw that I joined and will go peek… )

  6. Big Daddy Diesel says:

    I rarely enter contest, but I want to see this one, so I will throw my name in the hat

  7. Kristin says:

    Im a follower!

  8. Kristin says:

    I watched the Trailer. Hardest part is doing the training to get you to that Start line!! I am Signing up for my own Ironman December 1st!!

  9. Kristin says:

    I posted a comment to the webpage saying you brought me there!!

  10. Jen says:

    I am a follower

  11. Jen says:

    I like MMD on facebook

  12. Jen says:

    I follow MMD on twitter

  13. Docrunner @Tri2Thrive says:

    Happy Thanksgiving! I follow MMD on Twitter

  14. Docrunner @Tri2Thrive says:

    As you know, I link to your site and have a banner, on my blog:

  15. Docrunner @Tri2Thrive says:

    I follow.

  16. Docrunner @Tri2Thrive says:


  17. Docrunner @Tri2Thrive says:

    facebook follow & comment MMND

  18. Docrunner @Tri2Thrive says:

    watched the videos and commented.
    I liked the 3rd video.. the music. Also the part where they are running at night. We must be crazy..

  19. TRI714 says:

    Im in, and you know I follow you guys!

  20. Kovas Palubinskas says:


  21. Kovas Palubinskas says:

    Like you on FB

  22. Kovas Palubinskas says:

    Follow on Twitter

  23. Kovas Palubinskas says:

    Bannered and linked on my site

  24. Kovas Palubinskas says:


  25. She said I need a goal says:

    I am not entering the contest, I didn't want to chance it, I just went ahead and purchased the movie online. :-) I also linked it in my blog as well as your giveaway here. I hope it gets here fast, I'm dying to see it!

  26. Allison says:

    I'm a follower!

  27. Allison says:

    I follow MMND on fB!

  28. Allison says:

    the banner is on the blog :)

  29. Allison says:

    comment has been left on fb

  30. Allison says:

    I watched the movie trailer….. my favorite part was the quote—- "the hardest part is not crossing the finish line….it's getting to the start."

    I really really really really want to win this :)

  31. Trish says:

    I'm a follower!

  32. Trish says:

    I watched the update with Tammy. I love that she is so candid about her struggles the last year.

  33. Ever Strong says:

    im a new fan! :)

  34. Ever Strong says:

    posted to my blog

  35. Black Knight says:

    Thanks for the mention, I like the picture in black armor!
    Interesting movie but I live too far, so I leave the chance to another lucky winner.

  36. Jason says:

    Trish and Ever Strong – I will be sure to check out your blogs and wanted to say Thank You and welcome to the FAMILY. Lots of support out here in our little slice of blogger world.

    Black Knight – I love running in black. Something about the mental strength you gain from the color. Thanks for putting the virtual race together.

  37. Katie says:

    I follow :D

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