Guest Blogger Athlete’s Plate Challenge – Battle Cookie


  If you are a consistent follower of this site you know that Matt (Athlete’s Plate) and I have been waging a battle of healthy cooking over the past few months, with me taking the title once for my pizza.  As he and I were discussing the next battle he came up with the idea […]

The Athlete’s Plate Challenge – Battle Mexican Cuisine


  The Athlete’s Plate Challenge is back and this time we are showing off Mexican cuisine.  Matt (The Athlete’s Plate) and I wound up choosing breakfasts to create and we both have ties to Dallas.  This could have been called the Dallas Tex-Mex Breakfast Challenge, but we will just stick to Battle Mexican Cuisine. Matt […]

The Athlete’s Plate Challenge – Battle Grilling


  Our last challenge was Battle Pizza where my vegetarian White Pizza came out victorious.  At that time we asked what type of cooking method you would like to see the next challenge revolve around.  You decided that you wanted to see food being grilled.  In my pre-vegetarian days this would have consisted of throwing […]

The Athlete’s Plate Challenge – Battle Pizza


The Athlete’s Plate Challenge – Some of you might be new to this site and wondering just what is the Athlete’s Plate Challenge.  Allow me a moment to explain what it is.  Matt at The Athlete’s Plate and I have been creating delicious and healthy dishes for the viewing public to vote on.  At the […]

The Athlete’s Plate Challenge: Sweet Potato


Welcome back to the second edition of The Athlete’s Plate Challenge.  The first challenge went to Matt over at The Athlete’s Plate for his Tempeh Bacon over my Mediterranean Style Tempeh. When the votes were counted up the sweet potato had the most votes and became the secret ingredient for the 2nd version of The […]

The Secret Ingredient is…..


…..Sweet Potatoe. Matt from The Athlete’s Plate and I will be having our second challenge and the secret ingredient is Sweet Potatoe. The sweet potatoe entered my life about two years ago and I have been asking myself where has this been my whole life.  I always associated the sweet potatoe with sweet potatoe pie […]

The Athlete’s Plate Challenge Debut

The Athlete's Plate Challenge Debut featuring Tempeh

On Tuesday I announced that Matt from The Athlete’s Plate and I will be collaborating on bringing you, our readers, two recipes based on an ingredient that you choose.  Since this is our debut challenge we chose to use Tempeh.   I had purchased a package of tempeh but had never used it so this was […]

The Athlete’s Plate Challenge


About two weeks ago I was contacted by some friends that informed me that there was a site titled ‘The Athlete’s Plate’.  It was a great looking site and I reached out to the writer of the site, Matt.  Over the course of a number of email exchanges we have come up with a Top […]