Make This, Don’t Buy That – Almond Butter Cups


Almond Butter reviewsMy sweet tooth has been raging since last Thursday.  How do I know it was Thursday?  It is because I was so beat after the Disco Triathlon and had no recovery with a full week of training that on Thursday I collapsed.  I took a nap mid-day and when I woke up there […]

Make This, Don’t Buy That – Energy Bar


energy bar reviewsRecently I have been looking at the ingredients in the PowerBar that I use for the bike.  I have been taking the PowerBar Harvest Double Chocolate Crisp and cutting it into fours and eating one piece every 15 minutes.  I am doing this because I can get 250 calories into my body in […]

Make This, Don’t Buy That – Vegetarian Shepherd’s Pie


When I was a kid my mother made shepherd’s pie for the family.  Being a Puerto Rican family this was far reaching for us, and when I saw it I immediately told my mother I am not eating THAT.  That upset her so and I wouldn’t blame her if she never cooked for me again […]

Make This, Don’t Buy That — Sushi

Mexican Roll on the left, Buffalo Tempeh roll on the right

In the second installment of Make This, Don’t Buy That I tried my hand at sushi.  Prior to becoming a vegetarian I could be seen eating sushi by the truckload and never getting sick of it.  When I moved to Dallas I was worried there would be no good sushi restaurants in the city since […]

Carrot Cake Bar – Make This, Don’t Buy That


The first installment of Make This, Don’t Buy That is finally here.  You voted on which protein/energy/power bar I should make and the winner chosen by majority vote was the Carrot Cake bars in place of the carrot cake bars from Lara Bar. I was thrilled to have that be the choice because of all […]

New Bi-Weekly Feature?


Make This, Don’t Buy That It was not long ago that I created a Yogurt Parfait to compete with what was sold at Starbucks.  It sparked some conversation regarding eating at home or making it yourself versus buying it at the store.  I started to think about what other things we consume that would not […]