Keep Your Blanket {Statements} Objective

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Yesterday as I was enjoying my daily lunch of a sunflower butter and jelly sandwich I came across an article on Triathlete Magazine by Pip Taylor titled What Should I Eat Before A Morning Workout.  Since I do 90% of my workouts before the sun comes up I was interested in what this article had to say. […]

Vegetable Evangelist? Is that what I am?


Vegetable Evangelist.  Is this even a thing?  Maybe it is.  Maybe I am one of them.  Let’s take a step back to why I am contemplating this. Last week I was sent this article that was written by Matt Fitzgerald and titled The Case Against Vegetables by Jeff and at first I was a bit startled […]

The Simple Breakfast Recipe Post Of Your Dreams

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The simple breakfast recipe idea came to me while I was working out this morning.  Well, that is not 100%  accurate.  About a week ago I saw a picture on Instagram that featured charred corn in a salsa for a taco.  Since that day I have been thinking about what I wanted to do with the […]

Plant-Based Lifestyle Questions Asked Of Me

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Plant based is an adjective I have used to describe myself for 3+ years and a badge of honor I wear proudly because of the myths attached to living a plant-based lifestyle.  The theory that living this lifestyle means that you suffer from an efficiency of protein is one that I personally have debunked but […]

Waffle Recipes That Are Sure To Amaze. Or At Least Fill You Up

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Waffles have been a staple of my diet ever since I realized how their macronutrient composition would aid in recovery from training and racing.  Never mind how great they taste.  I have been known to go on a 30 day streak but like all good things those must come to an end.  As I was […]

Time To Act Like Kenny And Loggins All My Nutrition

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Nutrition, as you would come to expect, is a major focus of mine.  I believe that what we eat has an impact on everything that we do from how well we sleep to how well we perform at work and on the athletic field.  This week I begin the first of three overload weeks in […]

Japanese Cuisine Made Simple Yet Very Tasty

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Japanese cuisine for me was non-existent until I tried sushi for the first time which happened about 15 years ago.  Like most people the idea of raw fish was not appealing.  I had not bothered to look into whether or not there was more to sushi and if Japanese cuisine could be enjoyed.  Like the […]

Breakfast got lost. I rediscovered it and it has changed.

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Breakfast, as it should come as no surprise by now, is my favorite meal of the day.  I find that making breakfast foods is simple and fast and nourishing.  I also find those meals to be comforting but about two months ago I had made a fatal error in my judgement and breakfast became a […]

Seasonal Eating – Using The Season To Improve Your Diet

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Seasonal eating is something I practice for a few reasons.  The first being that the foods that are in season are always the cheapest.  The second is that by eating a seasonal diet I am able to have a lot of variety.  Yes, there are staples in my diet such as bell peppers and spinach […]

Sleep A Problem? Certain foods can aid in your sleeping.

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Sleeping is an activity that we do not do enough of even though it is a great way to reset your body and mind.  As endurance athletes it is even more important that we get enough sleep as that aids in recovery.  Not everybody can take a nap during the day, although I have mastered […]