Restaurant Style French Toast At Home: Week 3 Recipe

Restaurant Style French Toast - recipe - breakfast

Restaurant Style French Toast may sound daunting and difficult to make when you first read it but this recipe will make you say:  Restaurant Style French Toast?  Who wants some? The key two making a restaurant style french toast resides in the bread.  You cannot use sliced wonder bread and expect it to have that […]

The Simple Breakfast Recipe Post Of Your Dreams

simple breakfast recipe - corn cakes - endurance foodies

The simple breakfast recipe idea came to me while I was working out this morning.  Well, that is not 100%  accurate.  About a week ago I saw a picture on Instagram that featured charred corn in a salsa for a taco.  Since that day I have been thinking about what I wanted to do with the […]

Waffle Recipes That Are Sure To Amaze. Or At Least Fill You Up

waffles - recipes - breakfast

Waffles have been a staple of my diet ever since I realized how their macronutrient composition would aid in recovery from training and racing.  Never mind how great they taste.  I have been known to go on a 30 day streak but like all good things those must come to an end.  As I was […]

Gingerbread French Toast Welcomes In The Fall Holidays

gingerbread - french toast - recipe

Gingerbread could very well be my favorite cookie flavor.  If it isn’t number one it certainly ranks right up there with any oatmeal variety, a nut butter flavor or in a pinch a chocolate chip.  Who are we kidding…..if it is a cookie I am game for it.  Anyway, with all the recipes and pictures […]

Oatmeal For Dinner, But Not What You Are Thinking.

oatmeal - pasta - recipe

Oatmeal is a favorite meal of endurance athletes, but typically it is only eaten for breakfast.  The other notion that is attached to oatmeal is that it is just a lumpy mess that people eat just because it is good for them.  To that they will add all sorts of ‘bad’ food thus removing all […]

Looking For A Brunch Recipe? Try This Socca Breakfast Pizza

brunch - recipe - socca pizza

Brunch is by far my favorite type of meal.  It is just the perfect combination of breakfast and lunch and time of day.  Breakfast to me is a meal I eat essentially the moment I wake up.  Lunch is that meal that can take place anywhere between 10am and 2pm depending on when hunger strikes […]

Quinoa Baked French Toast Breakfast Recipe

quinoa - baked french toast - breakfast - recipe

Quinoa is a staple in many diets today whether you are vegan / vegetarian or a carnivore.  Since it is not a grain it fits into the No Sugar, No Grain lifestyle but unfortunately it is not Paleo based on what I read.  That being said you can make your own choices on what you […]

Soup: It’s Not Just For Bowls Anymore

soup - french onion - recipe - waffle

Soup is something we associate with winter or cold dreary rainy days.  You turn to soup for comfort and to warm you up.  You see that bowl of soup and the steam coming off the top and immediately you are transferred to a different time.  A time when you were a kid and maybe that […]

Paleo Pancake Stack Instagram Challenge Submission

paleo pancake - recipe - healthy lifestyle

Paleo pancake…..where do I even begin?  I am not a person who you would say is well versed in paleo cuisine other than to say I know it typically involves bacon or at least that is what the pictures I see on Instagram would leave me to believe.  So when I saw a pancake challenge […]

New York Meet Texas, Texas Meet New York……In Food!

new york - texas - food - bagel - pizza

New York meeting Texas could be the phrase used to describe when Karen and I met.  As a person born and raised in New York that will always be home no matter how long I live anywhere else.  My parents lived their lives in New York and it is in our blood.  The pizza, the […]