Oatmeal For Dinner, But Not What You Are Thinking.

oatmeal - pasta - recipe

Oatmeal is a favorite meal of endurance athletes, but typically it is only eaten for breakfast.  The other notion that is attached to oatmeal is that it is just a lumpy mess that people eat just because it is good for them.  To that they will add all sorts of ‘bad’ food thus removing all […]

Looking For A Brunch Recipe? Try This Socca Breakfast Pizza

brunch - recipe - socca pizza

Brunch is by far my favorite type of meal.  It is just the perfect combination of breakfast and lunch and time of day.  Breakfast to me is a meal I eat essentially the moment I wake up.  Lunch is that meal that can take place anywhere between 10am and 2pm depending on when hunger strikes […]

Fall Is Here And That Means ‘New’ Produce To Use For Health

fall - seasonal food - cooking - recipe

Fall is here, but if you live in Texas (or the South for that matter) you wouldn’t know it as the temperatures have decided that it is closer to July 12th than September 12th.  Yesterday, when it was only 96* it felt like a cold wave had moved through.  That being said it is nicer […]

Vegan Buffalo Wings And Dipping Sauce Recipe

vegan buffalo wings - recipe - healthy - diet

Vegan buffalo wings were one of the first things I needed to figure out how to make when I decided to go plant-based.  For me the smell of the hot sauce accompanied by the creamy cooling effect of the bleu cheese dressing was going to be the one item I missed the most and so […]

Cornmeal Pizza Crust > Cauliflower Pizza Crust

cornmeal pizza crust - recipe - diet - healthy - vegan

Cornmeal pizza crust is what this turned out to be but that isn’t what it started out as.  I made a socca earlier in the week and wondered if I could make a socca using cornmeal instead of garbanzo flour.  Before I tell you the rest of the story, do you know what a socca […]

Barley Burgers: Not Your Everyday Veggie Burger

barley burgers - recipe - vegetarian

Barley burgers were not what I set out to create earlier this week but sometimes the mistakes we make in the kitchen turn out to be our greatest creations.  Now, the barley burgers are not the greatest food item I have created (I still think my homemade pasta is the best) but they came out […]

#EnduranceFoodies: Iron Chef Battle Bok Choy

iron chef - endurance foodies - recipe - bok choy

Iron Chef, if you are not familiar with the show, is a cooking contest on The Food Network that started in Japan in 1993.  At the time there were 4 Iron Chefs that specialized in Japanese, Chinese, French and Italian cuisine.  These Iron Chefs would battle contestants who ‘dare’ challenge them in Kitchen Stadium.  I was […]

Quinoa And Tofu Summer Salad: Recipe Of The Week

quinoa tofu - salad - recipe - vegan

Quinoa and tofu is not something I typically put together as it seems like protein overkill.  There is 8g of protein per cup of quinoa while there is 10g of protein per 1/2 cup of tofu.  18g of protein in one meal would be nearly 35% of the average needs of a man and that […]

Quinoa Salad For Spring, Summer Or Whenever Recipe

quinoa - salad - recipe

Quinoa was one of the first foods I discovered when I decided to live a plant-based lifestyle.  I had no clue what quinoa was but everything I read touted its terrific qualities.  It was high in protein, it was tasty and it was easy to make.  All of these items fell right into my wheelhouse […]

Navy Bean And Black Bean Burgers With Smashed Butternut Squash Recipe Of The Week

navy bean - vegetarian - healthy - recipe

Navy beans are not something I cook with frequently and since I am an honest blogger that word should be never.  I picked up some dry navy beans a few months ago and used them when making a dish that included parsnips and mofongo thinking that I could make a black and white dish.  When […]