Healthy Snacks: Donut Part Two Guest Recipe

healthy snack - recipe - donuts - guest recipe

Healthy snacks does not have to mean carrots and hummus.  It doesn’t mean that you should be sprinkling pepper onto a hard-boiled egg, nor does it mean that you should go and just drink water to ease those hunger pains and cravings.  When I think of the words healthy snacks I think of those items listed […]

Donuts: A Guest Recipe For A Healthy Version

donuts - recipe - healthy - diet

Donuts have been popping into my mind quite a bit lately.  Maybe it’s because on a long ride recently we stopped mid-way through to refill water bottles except instead of being at a water fountain we were at a donut shop.  Well hello blueberry and vanilla donut cakes for re-fueling during a long hot ride […]

Brownie Banana Ice Cream Waffle Sandwiches Recipe

brownie - banana - ice cream - recipe

Brownie Banana Ice Cream Waffle Sandwiches……let those 6 words roll around in your head and think about the possibilities of that brownie goodness matched with bananas and their sweetness.  Seriously stop drooling and wipe the slobber off your keyboard and stick with me for a moment.  As you may know I went on a 21 […]

Roasted Red Pepper Hummus Recipe

roasted red pepper - hummus - recipe

Roasted red pepper hummus is something that you see in the grocery store and then you read some of the labels and think to yourself why is that in there, why is that in there.  The list of ingredients for hummus should include garbanzo beans, oil, tahini, garlic and lemon juice.  Nothing else goes or […]

Fritters: A Sweet And Vegan Take On A Simple Meal

fritters - fruit - healthy - vegan - recipe

Fritters of the carrot variety came across in an email and I immediately put them into my menu planning.  I had been seeing fritters for a while but decided that I didn’t have time to shred or would rather just eat a carrot than go through the entire process.  One way or the other I […]

Vegan And Gluten-Free Banana Cranberry Muffins Recipe

banana cranberry - muffins - recipe - healthy - vegan

Banana Cranberry muffins and its recipe came about because Karen and I had both purchased bananas and as bananas do they started to turn an ugly shade of brown.  Mind you that a banana is at its peak of perfection when there are dark spots on it these bananas had essentially turned black/brown and were […]

Recipe Of The Week: Jalapeno Cornmeal Muffins

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Recipe of the week is going to be a feature that I try out on the blog.  I get requests on my Instagram feed for recipes and some of them I have turned down and others I have posted.  Why turn down a request for a recipe?  It is because I am working on a project […]

Nachos, Nachos, Nachos…..

Nachos - Vegan - Recipe - Healthy

Nachos are everybody’s favorite eats when they are at Mexican restaurants.  Nachos are probably everybody’s favorite eats even at home especially during sporting events like the recent Super Bowl or the upcoming March Madness and Opening Day of Baseball. You know those nachos that are dripping with cheese and jalapeños with those salty tortilla chips. […]

Nut Bars Guest Recipe by Meg Gillmer – Cook Train Eat Race

nut bar - recipe - healthy

I have been active on Instagram for the past month and a half and in that time I have seen more pictures of Quest Bars followed only by cups of Chobani.  I have never had a Quest Bar but they are marketed as high in protein and low in non-fiber carbs.  I am sure that […]

Black Forest Cake Waffle Recipe


Black Forest Cake waffle was inspired by the recovery smoothie I made this past weekend.  I have been mesmerized by this cake for sometime and I am not sure why. Black Forest Cake is essentially nothing more than chocolate and cherries but for some reason when you make it into a cake I lose my […]