El Scorcho – Third Times A Charm


El Scorcho – 50K run in the middle of July at midnight in Texas……what could be bad about that? What a night!  This was actually my 3rd attempt at El Scorcho. My first attempt was in July 2010 – Jason and I actually signed up for the 25k together and I ended up getting a […]

Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series Thoughts


Rock And Roll Marathon Series – well, yes I did it again. I ran another Rock and Roll Event.. and I truly believe it will be my last. I am thankful for these large events as they motivate people to get out and run – but in my honest opinion they have gotten way too […]

Guest SPoT (SPouse Of A Triathlete) Revisited


Guest Spot is officially be changed by me to IronMate and here is an update.   So I read through my blog post from October of last year to review what I had wrote and compare it to my life now and thought I would share. Jason is now less than 2 weeks from his […]

Pacer Or Chaser?


Pacer or Chaser?  No, not a basketball team or even a car but how you would describe yourself as a runner. So do you ever find yourself driving and see a car with a 26.2 sticker on it and you try to catch it and pass  it?  Walking into the grocery store, and you feel […]

Have I Become Addicted? by Karen Bahamundi


I may have become addicted to running and racing, possibly even triathlon…..eggads!!  As I sat on the couch last night – I was trying to remember everything I planned that I needed to do, and realized I planned a doctor appointment for Monday morning. My first thought was not dreading the doctor , it was […]

Isn’t Running Supposed To Be Simple?


I admit it – I am one of those runners. I need certain things to make my run good. I have been running for a long time and perfecting the runs over the years.. not the speed but the little things that drive me nuts on the runs.. Music – yes I run to music. […]

What Happens On My Run


While filing away papers this weekend – I found a card i have kept stashed away for years. I cant seem to throw it away.. In 1994 – Ronald Reagan announced he had Alzheimer’s.  I read it in the newspaper, and decided I should send a letter. I sent a letter to Ronald Reagan. I […]

Excuses Are Like A**holes….


The person who really wants to do something finds a way; the other person finds an excuse.  ~Author Unknown I am the BEST person to give excuses. When I am running, if I see a sign ahead, I think it must be a stop sign, I need to stop. If a runner in front of […]



So my first race of the year is today. I am doing a half mary and Jason is doing a 15K. This is not something new for me – I run long runs every weekend rain or shine, and I have ran in several races. Without fail – I get pre-race jitters. What will I […]



res·o·lu·tion Noun: A firm decision to do or not to do something. So here we are again at the beginning of a new year and all over the social media sites you get to see people’s new resolutions for the year. My personal favorite is those people that decide to get in shape, and last […]