IMTX Monthly Progress Report: The Season Finale

IMTX - triathlon - ironman - 140.6

IMTX is 10 days away and that means…..well that means a lot.  It tells me that I am officially in taper mode.  It tells me that I survived overload weeks.  It tells me that the third chapter of Ironman races is coming to a close.  Having raced IMTX in 2012 and finishing off 12+ months […]

Ironman Arizona 2012 Goals


Ironman Arizona is officially in the T-Minus single digit days.  9 days until the cannon goes off and I embark on my second Ironman race of this year.  Leading up to taper week I was nothing but exhausted and hungry and just wanted to get the race over with.  Now that I am in my […]

Rev3 Old Orchard Beach Maine Goals


Rev3 Old Orchard Beach Maine is this weekend and I am both excited and nervous.  I am typically not nervous before races but for some reason this race has me on edge.  That is a good thing because it means that I am ready but it is also an indication of me just now knowing […]

Ironman Texas Giveaway


Ironman Texas is now just a few days away and so what better way to celebrate that than with a giveaway. So what am I giving away?  How about a case of CorePower for the final time prediction.  I will also do some giveaways for each individual event. What are you dealing with?  I wrote […]

Ironman Texas Goals


Ironman Texas is in 8 days and I am posting my goals post today for a few reasons: I will not be posting over the weekend as I’ll be spending time with the family.  Chico is racing his first tri on Saturday morning so I plan on getting on my trainer at 4am and riding […]

70.3 San Juan Goals


This 70.3 San Juan goals post has been written and re-written then deleted and resurrected more times than Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees but I’m finally putting it out there.  You saw the time I am shooting for in the Ironman Texas Training Video – Week 12 but I am going to break it down and […]

Las Vegas Rock N Roll Marathon Race Report


Where do you start when you want to write a race report about a marathon in Vegas?  Vegas is an epic city!  Running a marathon is an epic event!  Hanging out with Beth and Emily is epic!  So much to say so let’s just jump right into all of it, but not before this: THANK […]

Avia Austin Triathlon Race Report


Before we get into the race report I wanted to put up the links to this weekend’s posts.  Since it was Labor Day you may have missed these posts, but read the Race Report first then scroll back up here. I Will Be In Recovery Mode Soon….. Overweight?  Poor Eyesight?  Coincidence? Do I Get Paid? […]

Pre-Race Day and Product Review

Tomorrow is race day.  Typically I go into this type of race with a laissez-faire attitude of just run it.  Never put a lot into it and just ran.  Whatever the outcome was the outcome was.  Well that all changed when I signed up for Athlinks.  Right there for the whole world to see were […]