RR100 Cast Of Characters

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RR100 was a tremendously successful race for me, read the race report here, but it never unfolds the way it did without a tremendous amount of support from some key figures. This cast of characters was either on-site or very instrumental in helping me reach the finish line in 19:22 or was there during my […]

Rocky Raccoon 100 – 2015 Race Report

rocky raccoon 100 - race report - ultra trail race

Rocky Raccoon 100 will be a race I will not forget for a very long time. It might be because everything is tired, or hurts, or is sore, or is chafed, or is achy. If it is none of those things then it is not a part of my body. I am beat up from […]

2015 Bandera 100k Race Report


2015 Bandera 100k Ultra Trail Race will not be an event I will forget for a very long time.  When Jeff mentioned that we should do this race as a great way to end the peak weeks of training for Rocky Raccoon 100 I thought it was a great idea.  When you are running 85-90 […]

Ironman Chattanooga 2014 Race Report – My Day On The Course

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Ironman Chattanooga 2014 is a race that will never be forgotten. The day was ideal, but better than that was the ability to spend the days leading up to the race and then on the course with friends I have been training with for years. I also got to see a lot of cyber friends […]

Lake Martin 100 And The Soul Crushing 60 Race Report

lake martin 100 - endurance - trail run

Lake Martin 100 was the endurance race I signed up for thanks to the urging of Jeff and Dave.  Running a 100 mile race was never even a consideration.  I admired Emily from afar but in reality I thought she was missing a screw.  When Jeff and Dave finally broke my will and I registered […]

A-OK 50K Ultra Trail Run Race Report

a-ok - trail run - race report

A-OK was not on my radar, not even the periphery, prior to about two weeks ago.  I was introduced to this race by friends of Karen who are on a Facebook page called Dallas Dirt Runners.  The first time I saw A-OK I thought that it would be a great 50k supported training run for […]

Rocky Raccoon The Movie Featuring This Cast Of Characters

rocky raccoon 50 - ultra trail - running - training

I could write a script that Hollywood would not believe based solely on the run that was Rocky Raccoon 50 the 2014 version.  I recapped the race here, but wanted to write a separate post for those that were at the race that helped make this event the most memorable endurance event I ever participated […]

Ultra Trail Run Race Report: Rocky Raccoon 50 2014

ultra trail run - rocky raccoon - running

Rocky Raccoon 50 Mile Trail run has been 11 weeks in the making and over the course of the run nothing, and I mean nothing, fell short of expectations.  I am going to go over the events of the race in this report but over the course of the next few days I will layout […]

Wee-Chi-Tah Trail Half-Marathon Race Report

wee chi tah - trail run - race report

Wee-Chi-Tah Half-Marathon Trail Race Let’s continue the story from yesterday shall we?  In case you missed it here is the recap of the Hotter N Hell Hundred Bike Race. ==================== After the bike ride we showered, had dinner and back to bed early again as we needed to get up for a half-marathon trail race. […]

Hotter N Hell Hundred Bicycle Race Report

hotter n hell hundred - bike race - cycling

Hotter N Hell Hundred and Wee-Chi-Ta race weekend was one for the ages.  I cannot recall how I became registered for these events but I can say that I am glad that I decided to race them this weekend.  As race day drew closer and closer the ideas for the times that we would be […]