Are You Hungry?


I get a lot of questions and requests to help people with their ‘diets’ (by the way I am not a registered dietitian or nutritionist and all my advice is based on my experience and what I read.)  The very first thing I ask them to do is to create a food journal for three […]

Is Eating Healthy Expensive?

eating healthy - junk food - expensive - sugar

I have had my fair share of discussions (ok arguments) about the cost of eating healthy.  I find it utterly ridiculous and absurd when people tell me they cannot afford to eat healthy.  I would break down the cost of eating in SERVING SIZES and show them that it is not expensive.  The problem with […]

Food Inc and Food Matter Review (Repost)


Forks Over Knives reviewsEarlier this week I posted a review of Forks Over Knives and referenced my reviews of Food Inc and Food Matters.  I wanted to repost those for you to read since I think they all go hand in hand.  I have also bee given a few other movies to review and I […]

Overweight? Poor Eyesight? Coincidence?


Most people know the effects of obesity in terms of cancer, diabetes and hypertension but what they do not know is that it can cause blindness.  You can chalk this up as another reason to maintain a healthy lifestyle that incorporates eating properly and exercise.  Did you ever think that obesity could have an impact […]

Bigger Isn’t Always Better


The phrase bigger is better isn’t always true.  As a matter of fact in the context I am about to present it can be downright deadly.  You may have guessed by now but I am talking about obesity and the damage it does to our population.  I have presented to you stats that showcase what […]