Gambling And The Sport Of Triathlon – Can It Help Or Hurt? – {Guest Post}

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I was contacted by John Newman, who writes the blog Family Sport Life, with his wife Tara about a guest post regarding gambling and triathlon.  Seeing as I am always looking  for a way to get the sport of triathlon into the mainstream conversation when it comes to sports I was excited to read what […]

Jason Collins Reveals He Is Gay And I Say……

jason collins - gay - sports illustrated

Jason Collins came out to the world on Monday April 29th in a piece he wrote for Sports Illustrated (read it here as it is very good, whether you agree with his decision or not.)  When the news first hit all of my social media channels I did absolutely nothing.  I did not run, ok […]

Sports Marketing


Sports marketing is one of my favorite forms of advertising.  By this I mean how brands incorporate athletes into their products, commercials, branding, etc.  I spent 13 years as an executive in a television advertising firm that was responsible for putting ads on the air in your local markets.  I planned how much to spend […]