Open Water Swimming Is Not Like Riding A Bike

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Open water swimming has become the go to for my training lately.  In large part I am doing open water swimming as a way to recover from the Lake Martin 100, but at the same time I need to improve in this facet of triathlon otherwise Ironman Chattanooga is going to take longer than it […]

Ultra Running: Is It Good For You Physically? Mentally?

ultra running - benefits - physical - mental

Ultra running is defined as anything longer than 26.2 miles, or the marathon distance.  I recently joined the ranks of ultra running by participating in 4 different events over the months of February and March.  The distances covered were 50k (31.1 miles), 50 Miles and 100 Miles.  In the past these distances would have been […]

Ultra Trail Runner Versus Ironman. Which One?


Ultra trail runner.  Ironman.  Both descriptions fit me.  Both descriptions also represent my passion for endurance sports.  Triathlete is another description but earlier today when John asked me via Twitter the following: My response to this question was Yes and No but it was something that I had to think about for a few moments.  The […]

Analysis Of Lake Martin 100 Ultra Trail Run Performance

analysis - nutrition - mental - ultra running

Analysis of races is one way I look to improve my performances.  Making sure to analyze the pacing of the race, my nutrition and finally I make sure to do an analysis about where I was mentally.  Since this was my first 100 mile race there has been a lot to review and think about. […]

Mental Fitness or Physical Fitness. Which is more important?

mental fitness - trail running - endurance sports

Mental fitness or physical fitness was a conversation I had with myself as I ran the trails on Sunday morning.  It was cold and windy out.  I was facing the last long run of the weekend and the end of week one of taper for Lake Martin 100.  I began by going through the routine […]

Fashion A Greater Function Than Consistency?

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Fashion is not one of the qualities that the Hoka One One brings to the party but they certainly bring consistency.  In the grand scheme of things isn’t that what we should be aiming for?  Form rather than how good we look as we shuffle around the marathon course at the end of an Ironman […]

Lake Martin 100 Tapering Has Begun. What Are The Goals?

lake martin 100 - tapering - ultra trail run

Lake Martin 100 tapering has officially started.  Actually it started yesterday around 11:30am when Jeff and I finished off the last step of a 26.2 mile run.  Once that final run was over we entered into taper mode and that included refueling properly and getting plenty of rest.  Taper typically has a negative connotation to […]

Pictures And Words For Ironman Training Week 17

triathlon training - ironman chattanooga challenge - triathlon

Keeping it simple this week for Ironman Chattanoog training blog challenge with KC and I.   KC’s Week 17 Ironman Training Words.       Jason’s Week 17 Ironman Training Words.            

Physical And Mental Adaptation To Training Stressors

lake martin 100 - tapering - ultra trail run - endurance sports

Physical and mental adaptations are taking place during these training stressors that I am under-going during what can be described as Cycle III of the Lake Martin 100 training.  When I first thought about training for a 100 mile race I was inclined to say to myself:  I will never get through this.  As the […]

Ironman Training Has Its Ups And Downs And Its Natural

triathlon training - ironman chattanooga challenge - triathlon

Ironman training is not plotted out on a graph with a constant upward tilt.  Ironman training goes through many phases and your motivation and inspiration will go through many more cycles than that.  There may be times where you question whether or not you can accomplish the task of completing an Ironman.  There will be […]