Setting Goals. How Do You Do It?

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Setting goals is a topic of conversation that takes place constantly in the endurance world. Make one mention about a race you are doing and the first question is: What is your goal? Participating in endurance sports for the past 8 years I have been setting goals constantly but last night I was asked by […]

Running Slower Will Make You Faster. Huh?

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If you have been involved in endurance sports long enough you have heard the statement that running slower will make you faster about 1,000,000 times. 999,999 times you have ignored that advice but I am here to tell you that you should not ignore this advice. I am also hear to tell you that it […]

In-Race Nutrition Is Not The Same For Everybody

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In-Race nutrition is a topic that seems to live a life of its own when it comes to endurance sports and I think it is because everybody is looking for the simple answer. Unfortunately, there is no simple answer to in-race nutrition. This process is a set of trials and errors while you are training […]

How Do You Do It? A Question I Get Quite Often

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How Do You Do It? This simple question was asked of me twice in the past week and I answered quite simply as well: Because I love it. Truth be told it is far more complicated than that but in reality it is also that simple. I do the things I do because I love […]

Three Simple Lessons Learned From Ironman Chattanooga 2014

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Three simple lessons are all I am capable of writing about at this point but there were far more. These three simple lessons happen to stand out far more than the others and it they are something that I think those that are starting in the Ironman training and racing arena can benefit from as […]

Triathlon Periodization Training Works For Me

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Triathlon periodization traning for Ironman Chattanooga was going to be an experiment on n=1. The reason I phrase it that way is that I was not in a control group, nor were there other examples of triathletes doing the type of training I set out for myself back in June. I did not have a […]

Racing versus Doing An Ironman Or Any Event

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Racing.  Just the word alone gets my adrenaline rushing.  I hear the word racing and I think about the work that goes into a successful race and I get excited.  I want to create a plan, execute the plan, push my mind, body and soul past its pre-set limitations so that when race day comes […]

Ironman Chattanooga Training – First Three Week Cycle Is Over. How Did It Go?

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Ironman Chattanooga training experiment of n=1 has reached the end of the first three-week cycle.  This week is pure recovery as I allow my body to get stronger as well as prepare to tackle the 2nd three week cycle. If you are new to my blog then you are probably asking yourself what are these […]

Keep Your Blanket {Statements} Objective

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Yesterday as I was enjoying my daily lunch of a sunflower butter and jelly sandwich I came across an article on Triathlete Magazine by Pip Taylor titled What Should I Eat Before A Morning Workout.  Since I do 90% of my workouts before the sun comes up I was interested in what this article had to say. […]

Cycling Heavy Week 1 Of Ironman Chattanooga Training

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Cycling was the main focus for the first week of Ironman Chattanooga training and it kicked me in the face.  I struggled more than I expected but I also found out that I can take all those struggles and turn them into victories.  I also learned that the plan I have put together for myself, […]