Do You Have A Choice In Where Your Food Comes From?

Who makes what we are eating may not mean a thing to you, but we do strive to eat healthy and when it seems like we are doing everything we can something pops up.  Maybe it is raspberry flavoring coming from the behinds of an animal (you can read that here) or that farm raised salmon is somewhat pointless (read that here) but the question I always come back to is:  If a large corporation owns the company why wouldn’t they put their profit-making minds to those seemingly natural and wholesome products so that they can be mass-produced and thus make more money? What would prevent a CEO from sitting at a board room table and suggesting a mass production of lentils (I am making lentil burgers for dinner and thus it is on my mind) and cutting a corner here or there so long as they stay within the guidelines of the law and sell it to the American people under the label of healthy for you and thus making a killing on it, while all the while killing the people consuming it?

Most people are not going to research where the product came from or what corners were being cut to get there.  They are not going to look up what chemicals were used to spray the product so that it stays ‘fresher’ for a longer period of time.  As long as its cheap and easy the masses will pay for it and move on without a care in the world.

So when I saw this picture I figured I would share it with you and let you make a decision for which company you were going to continue to support.  I am not against big business in the least as I think they have a place in the his American and Global economy.  They provide jobs and so they cannot be put out of business but we can make better choices on some things or we can force them to be a little more conscious of their production if we chose to keep our money in our pockets or bought elsewhere.


So Do You See Products You Purchase?

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  1. Jen Roe says:

    I’ve been doing a lot of research on food lately. I am happy to say that our “meatless monday tradition” is creeping into the rest of our week and our meat, dairy, processed food consumption is dramatically decreased.

    Big Ag, Corp. food co.’s, etc is a big problem but a bigger problem is the public’s general misinformation/ignorance and even misleading to what is in our food and where it comes from.

    Michael Pollan’s “Omnivore’s Dilemma” book points out how even mindful consumers who think they are reaching for “mom and pop” organics are being fooled – Kashi is made by Kellogg’s, Kraft makes “back to basics” and Boca foods, and General Mills produces Muir Glen and Cascadian Farm – for a few examples. It’s not that, that is soooo wrong but if you’re trying to get away from big corps – there they are again.

    Another interesting book to check out is “Appetite For Profit: How the food industry undermines our health and how to fight back by”, Michele Simon. I’m in the middle of it now and it’s pretty interesting… You’d like it.

    the other scary thing to me is the whole GMO thing. So even if you are reaching for an apple, you can be reaching for a frakenfood. This is terrifying to me. The book “Seeds of Destruction” by Jeffery Smith really showcases why GMO is such a threat. (Jason – this is another book that will make your head explode.)
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    • Donna says:

      Thanks for these book recommendations Jen. I just read “The American Way of Eating” by Tracie Macmillan and she asks a rather pointed question – for something as important to our health and well being as food, why has the government completely allowed for the outsourcing of the food chain? Well worth thinking about…
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      • CTER says:

        I think we can all answer that question with the statement: It’s All About The Benjamins. Follow the money and there you have it. We are a capitalist society and fortunately or unfortunately money will always win. As the public we have to do our research to find what is truly healthy and not and make our own way through this maze. If we can lean on others who have no ties to a specific business then that is great but it seems that it will come down to us doing the work for ourselves, and I for one don’t have an issue with that. I take responsibility for what I put in my mouth and don’t blame government or business if something I ate is unhealthy.

        Like everything in life it is work and work does pay off.

        • Donna says:

          Whether or not you believe the government has a role is not Macmillan’s premise – rather she uses her year of doing three “typical” food industry jobs (farm worker, Walmart, Applebee’s) to illustrate how the system really works and to get the average reader to the point of even asking the question I pose. I should have been more clear – she does not ask it directly. The question is my conclusion.

          In a time when we need to develop proactive health management it is a question that all policy makers or those interested in America’s future should be at least thinking about. Even if your conclusion is to continue laissez faire capitalism, the implications of that choice and its consequence on “average people”, costs of healthcare, knock on impacts on how we address education – all of that needs to be thought through and addressed.
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  2. misszippy says:

    The supply chain for mass produced foods is indeed long! There are so many good reasons to try to buy as locally and as simply as we can. The nice thing is that some stores are at least starting to feature “local” sections in produce and there are more and more local farms popping up with options for direct-to-consumer. I get my milk and eggs that way.
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  3. Monica says:

    Absolutely. I don’t take any food until I know the root.
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  4. lindsay says:

    i’ve seen this before – definitely interesting.

    currently i am not giving any of these people business :) ok well maybe if one of them packages the fish i buy… but they don’t do produce!
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  5. Jake Marsh says:

    This really is scary stuff, Jason, thanks for the information.

    I’m not anti-big company either, just distrustful of them. For this reason I avoid them as much as possible (which in the grand scheme of things, isn’t much at all), and try and buy the local looking things.

    It worries me, though, that even the local guys probably need to resort to corner-cutting to make sure they stay profitable…
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