Eggs: Nothing To Fear- Cook Train Eat Race

Eggs have gotten a bad rap for a long time but it we need not fear the egg.  Last week I posted my top 5 Favorite Ingredients and eggs were one of them.  Why?  I listed some benefits and I will add more to this post but here are a few:

  1. High-quality protein.
  2. Beneficial to eyesight.
  3. Good source of choline for regulating brain, nervous and cardiovascular systems.
  4. Right kinds of fat.
eggs - omelette - brunch - farm fresh

Farm Fresh Eggs Omelette With Side Of Fruit

Last week I started buying eggs straight from the chicken’s ass.  In other words right from the farm and what a difference between the farm fresh and the store-bought eggs.  First off the colors of the eggs make it seem like a rainbow.  There were brown and white and a tinge of blue and a tinge of yellow.  It was amazing to see and it got me so excited.  Then I cracked my first three eggs to make an omelette and the yolks were a bright yellow and almost glowing.  The taste was much different too.  It tasted so much better and it is because they are not pasteurized.  Literally farm to table meals.

As I pointed out with my swimming post the moment you start to use something often there seems to be an influx of posts, articles, conversations, etc about said item.  This past week I was flooded with tweets about eggs, Facebook posts about eggs, dreams about eggs.  The egg was everywhere and I couldn’t get away from it which is why I am posting this today because I want people to understand that eggs are good for you and you can eat the yolk and not have your cholesterol go through the roof.

In this article on by Larry Husten titled Stop Trashing Eggs: Large Study Finds No Harm, Mr Husten discusses the connection between eggs and cholesterol.  He points out that a meta-analysis of 8 studies consisting of 263,938 participants for coronary heart disease and 210,404 participants for stroke and followed for 8 to 22 years.  The conclusion (please read the whole article as it discusses those with diabetes):

The authors found no evidence for an association between egg consumption and either coronary heart disease or stroke:

  • Relative risk of coronary heart disease for adding 1 egg per day: 0.99 (CI 0.85 0 1.15, p=0.88)
  • Relative risk of stroke for adding 1 egg per day: 0.91 (CI 0.81 – 1.02, p=0.10)

So with that out-of-the-way and the knowledge that you can eat eggs, including the yolk the question becomes how.  What techniques can I use to make my eggs?  You can scramble, hard-boil, soft-boil, sunny-side up, over-easy, over-hard but that would just be for breakfast right?  Wrong.  You can make the eggs that way and place them on top of Quinoa-Black Bean patties as evidenced in the picture below.  Maybe you want to top your mushroom and polenta with a soft-boiled egg so that the creamy yolks runs into the creamy polenta.  How about adding it to quinoa fried rice?  The egg is very versatile and this link will give you an idea of 10 different ways that you can cook and egg and see how versatile it is.

The one technique that grabbed my attention right away was basted.  Then I saw the two frittata images and immediately wanted to make them, and as a matter of fact I think that might be my recovery meal on Friday.  A gorgeous asparagus and mushroom frittata after a mind-clearing Bikram yoga workout sounds ideal.

Do You Eat Eggs As A Regular Part Of Your Diet?

What Is Your Favorite Way To Cook An Egg Or Do You Rocky It And Toss Them In A Glass And Chug?

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  1. Matt Oravec says:

    Yup, as long as my chickens give me eggs, I eat them :P

    Now I don’t seem AS CRAZY for raising my own chickens do I? :)
    Matt Oravec recently posted..Some Hunting Pictures (not graphic)My Profile

  2. MattyO beat me to the punch. Get some of your own chickens!

    I love eggs, that’s the hardest part about going vegan. I can easily replace the once a day I took in milk, but eggs are tough to give up.
    Carolina John recently posted..10 more daysMy Profile

  3. Natasha says:

    I try to eat eggs about once a week and try to only buy veg fed cage free but with all that being said I still get grossed out if I think about what it is. They definitely have to be extremely well cooked for me to eat them and usually covered in green chile or something. :-)
    Natasha recently posted..Customer Service (or lack of) My Favorite Soapbox Lately…My Profile

    • CTER says:

      When I go to a restaurant and order an omelette or scrambled eggs I always tell them: well done to the point of burning. Tell the chef to leave them on there 45 seconds longer than he thinks is necessary.

  4. adena says:

    Eggs are my favourite ‘oh crap I don’t have anything prepared’ go to meal at least once a week.

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