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I have a profile on ActiveAmbassadors.com which is a site that allows active people to submit their profiles to become sponsored Ambassadors for various companies/products.  A few months ago I submitted my profile for Team Snickers Marathon and was selected as a finalist with being informed that we would know by mid-May if we were selected for the team.  It is now May 25th and I have not heard back from them but yesterday after my strength and core regiment I found out that I had been selected for Team Jamba Juice.
At this point I just need to fill out the contract and send it back to become a team member.  This is a great honor b/c this is an open invitation that gets whittled down to finalists and then a team is selected from their.  I am honored to have been chose to represent such a terrific product.
After I get more details as to the exact nature of my involvement I will post them here and get you the information on Jamba Juice.  I’m very excited.
Yesterday’s strength and core workout went great.  I was pretty tired after having woke up at 5am on Monday to get 1500 yards of swimming in and then a long day at work.  This happens to be our busiest part of the year so work is constantly coming at you and you are working on 5 projects at the same time and just hoping not to cross paths of those projects and end up with the wrong conclusions based on faulty analysis.  FUN TIME!!!!!!
So anyway the workout was a hard one.  I pushed the weights to my max according to my workout and I was done after the last core workout and came home.  After 8 years of watching this show it was about to come to and end.  That show is 24.  Jack Bauer, Choloe O’Brien, President Taylor…..all gone from my life.  Not a moment too soon I can tell you.  The show had gotten to be a bit ridiculous.
Not to mention I wanted to watch the Flyers-Canadiens hockey game.  The Flyers had the opportunity to get into the Stanley Cup Finalsbut I could not watch it b/c Versus is not carried by DirecTV.  Flyers wound up winnign 4-2 and are in the Finals for the first time since 1997 where they were crushed by the Red Wings.
A Flyers championship coupled with Duke already having won the NCAA Tourney would have 2010 off on the right foot from a fan perspective for me.
This morning’s workout consisted of an easy 45 minute ride followed by a 5 mile tempo run with 8x 1minutes at a pace 30 second faster then the tempo run.
The ride was smooth and easy.  Got in 12.66 miles at a pace of 16.6 MPH with a max of 27 MPH.  This makes me happy b/c when I was doing the tri in Flower Mound I averaged that pace for the ride but I was spent.  I felt like I was barely moving during this ride so I know I can go much faster.
After the ride it was time to run.  The 5 mile run was to be at a pace of 8:30-8:45 with those 8×1 minutes at 8:10 and 2 minute recovery.  The pace was fine at the beginning but the increase was much faster then the 8:10 and thus the recovery was slower then the 8:45.  In the end I covered the 5 miles at an average pace of 8:39.
These two results from today show me that I can go faster at both the bike and the run and couple that with the improvement in efficiency in swimming and I won’t be as tired and be able to push my body even more.
Speaking of swimming there is an open water swim on Sunday that I would like to try.  Have to make sure that Coach C is ok with switching up the timing of the workouts and do the swim in the AM and the run in the PM.
This week is Memorial Day weekend and hopefully the outdoor kitchen will be fully done by then.  The plantings were completely done yesterday so let’s hope the dogs don’t mess with them and thus allow us to enjoy the beauty of our backyard.
Pics will be up between today and tomorrow of the process of developing an outdoor kitchen.
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  1. The Green Girl says:

    I'm having a great time searching for other Team Jamba athletes. ::smiles::

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