Goodbye 2012, Hello 2013


Goodbye 2012, Hello 2013

2012 is about to come to an end and when we wake up 2013 will have begun.  I can say that I have had a very good 2012.  There were ups and downs to the year, but isn’t that the point?  You live for the high and push out of the valley?  When you climb up you have this sense of accomplishment and the thrill of doing something you didn’t think you could do.

2012 started with a 3rd place finish at The Bold In The Cold 15k and finished with a coaching change.  Throughout the year I had some good races, some great races and some trying times.  I managed to get through the year in the best way I could and when tomorrow rolls around I will get on my bike, then run and do some lifting after that.  I will then head to the kitchen and continue my waffle streak (be sure to come back here this week as I’ll have a webisode for a savory greek waffle!)

All of this is to say that there are some people out there that had a true impact on me in 2012 and I want to take a few moments to recognize them.

Karen – without her none of this is possible.  We go through our ups and downs like any couple but I know at the end of the day when we lay in bed that there is nobody in this world I want to wake up next to.

Coach Claudia – our time as athlete / coach are no longer but you have molded me to become the triathlete that I am.  Your never quit attitude is one that I can always look at and emulate.  Thank You.

Jeff and Annie – thank you for your friendship.  Two years ago we met in person at Ironman Texas and our friendship continues to grow and I thank you for allowing that to happen.

Kevin and Jennie – thank you for allowing me to live out a childhood dream by attending a Notre Dame game and you being gracious enough to allow me to stay at your home.  In the time we have met our friendship has grown and 2012 is when it truly took off.

Heather and Matt – thanks for the laughs.  I enjoyed our time in the car on the way to Mandy’s back in August.  Then rafting down a river and just laughing the entire time will never be forgotten.

Mandy / Adena – I put you two together because you both make me laugh on a daily basis.  Every tweet, Facebook post or blog post has humor to it and without laughter we have nothing.  Thank you.

Juan – you probably will never read this but thank you for your friendship.  Those times when there is a knock on the door and you just pop in during a ride or a run are awesome.  Getting to hangout if even for a few moments means a lot.

Emily and Beth – I am putting you two together because you are two people I look up to a lot.  Managing family, career and still blogging and putting out positive vibes into the world is inspirational.  Keep doing what you are doing.

Susan Lacke – our friendship grew this year with meetings at IMTX and IMAZ and I am always motivated and inspired by your writing.  I appreciate everything you do, not just for me, but all that read your writing.  Keep being you!

Maria and John – Thank you.  First for writing the blog posts that you write as they have an impact on me.  Secondly, for taking me into your stable of athletes and preparing my mind and body for a tremendous 2013.

There are a lot more that have shaped my year and this list could run on and on and if you ever met me then you know I love to talk.  I will have to end this blog post here but rest assured that every person that has read this blog and commented has had an impact on me.  Whether I respond to you via the blog or via a personal email I read all your comments and appreciate you taking this blog to where it is today and beyond.

Big things have yet to come and 2013 will be another step in that direction.

Thank you!

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  1. Jeff Irvin says:

    Thanks Jason, Same to you and Karen!

    Hey, weekend of Jan 26th you doing any training? I am in OK and am driving back through Dallas on Friday evening. IF you are around I could pack the bike? Let me know.

  2. You’ve had a great year man!
    Carolina John recently posted..Holiday Party Time!My Profile

  3. katie says:


    Just kidding. :) Happy New Year!
    katie recently posted..a year in racesMy Profile

    • CTER says:

      haha! You told me I can’t post the text message exchanges otherwise that totally would have been on here.

      Seriously, 2013 has to be the year we meet up. I will do all I can to get to Austin for the race.

  4. Mandy says:

    Awwww thanks Jason! You make me laugh too! I feel so special to be on this awesome list of rockstars!
    Mandy recently posted..Out With The Old…My Profile

  5. Maria Simone says:

    Thanks, Jason!

    Congrats on a great year – and John and I are so happy to be along for the next leg of your journey. I look forward to the day we meet in the physical real, but for now, I LOVE GOOGLE HANGOUT!!!!!!!!!
    Maria Simone recently posted..I put my hat onMy Profile

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