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On Our Way To 70.3 San Juan

Guest Spot is officially be changed by me to IronMate and here is an update.


So I read through my blog post from October of last year to review what I had wrote and compare it to my life now and thought I would share.

Jason is now less than 2 weeks from his first full Ironman and things have ramped up a lot in our household.  In all honesty – I am sharing this truthfully with you.

Life has changed quite a bit since October – the last month of training has taken a toll on me emotionally. His days of training turn out to be full days and on weekends there are times he leaves early in the morning and doesn’t come back until later in the afternoon.   I don’t make plans for us to do anything during the day, and I know that he wouldn’t be interested in a bike ride with me at this point.  I am angry at times because I feel like I am alone and I vent to him and at one point actually told him I hoped he hated doing the Ironman for purely selfish reasons – just to get my Jason back.  Did I mean it – YES – at the time, but I would never take away his joy of this sport (or of course my opportunity to stalk Andy P.)

The laundry has tripled in size as Jason wears several layers of clothes to mimic the heat during the race (this is where I wouldn’t last) so the machine is running daily and I always laugh when I pull out my one running outfit versus his 6 towels and several shirts and shorts, and tri-kits.  The laundry room itself smells like a dead raccoon, and pretty sure it has to be one of his several pairs of running shoes resting on the floor – its certainly not mine.. my running shoes smell more like maple syrup.

Appetite – This alone amazes me.  We try to at least be in the same vicinity when eating although we don’t always sit down together to eat dinner due to our schedules, and I see his massive plate of food devoured.  A few hours later in the evening when I am snacking on my daily popcorn fix, here comes round two of his feast.  Let’s just say if I was keeping up with him on his eating habits, I would not be this shape – I would be completely round.


After Racing The A2A Half-Marathon

This has been a journey to say the least.  Training takes a lot of time and a lot of communication. Jason now sends me his schedule weekly to let me know where he is.  I have become more involved in running with a local running group and also met up with a twitter friend, (seriously my new best friend!)  I have learned that I keep myself busy with my son or on my own, and keep in mind that Jason is doing something he loves, and I know that he supports me on the things I plan on doing.  At some point we will downsize from a house with a pool to something simpler to accommodate our busy lives, and not have to worry about the knee high weeds (or the six foot snake in our yard).  We will make it work – thru sickness and in health and in Ironman training.. and on May 19th after 140.6 miles, I will get my Jason back.. well, for a little while.

I love you honey – you make me proud to be married to you.

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  1. Jen says:

    Awesome post, Karen.

    It must be tough. I would be super, super proud of my husband if he ever trained for an ironman but it would take a lot of getting used to for me. I know that it works both ways. When I was training for my full marathon last year, my husband had a lot of moments where his patience was tested and my time training wasn’t anything close to IM — I can’t even fathom.

    Jason is lucky to have you! ;)
    Jen recently posted..That’s what he said: My hubby’s race recap of his first half at the Jersey ShoreMy Profile

  2. Bob says:

    And that is why I wrote my book “OneHourIronmen”. Jason may end up being like so many other IM competitors a “one and done” or maybe a two and done because of the pressures it puts on the family. Think of the pressures if you had three kids like us.
    It is admirable that he wants to do well, but I think he falls into my category… a solid 25%er… that is the person that can finish in the top 25% of their AG at best, no matter how hard he trains…. not a Kona qualifier by long ways. I believe the 35/39 AG last year in TX a 10:04 was the last slot for Kona. There was a 10:05, 10:06, 10:07, 10:14 that did not get a slot…. you get the idea. How would you like to be one of them? Cool? Not so much. Can you imagine their family life? “Honey, I am SO close”…… not really.
    Jason, take it from a 5 time finisher that wants to be a 20 time finisher, chill on the training after IMTX. Believe it or not, 7 hours per week (average) will still give you respectable finishes, and that is the key…. they are solid finishes..
    Now go out and hammer IMTX… you have trained hard and deserve a great time
    Bob recently posted..Lance Armstrong… spotting 10 minutesMy Profile

    • karen says:

      Funny – the other day I heard someone state “Running fast doesnt make you faster..” and this reminds me of this. Since Jason has take on this sport – his times have improved dramitically, and he still manages to work full time, and work a side job as well, keep this site maitained with updates, cook fresh dinners every evening, be a great stepdad and supportive husband AND still comes home smiling everynite. I could not imagine taking all of this on.
      As you know with any sport – there are peaks and valleys – and towards race time we have accomodated this with better communication and we tweek our lives for a short time. Whether or not he qualifies for Kona or a solid 25%er does not matter to me, it matters that he is happy doing what he loves and being in the best shape of his life. We have built a strong marriage and will work out the kinks of training (for both of us) as they come.
      And by the way – having 3 kids vs. one.. yours have playmates in the house.. ours does not – so he relies on us as his playmates – and Jason always stepped up to the plate and welcomes the dance partes in our living room no matter how tired he is.

  3. Thanks for your honesty. I cannot imagine this process would be all sunshine and rainbows!! Right now you are the “wind beneath the wings” so to speak, and I know he is that for you as well. So excited for both of you on May 19!

    Just wait until you do your first IM. Major payback.
    Shut Up and Run recently posted..The Man Behind Me In LineMy Profile

    • karen says:

      I think I will stick to running and my little mini tri – and order the 10.00 sticker for my car.

  4. Great post Karen and it is interesting to see the perspective from “the other side of the fence” and what you say certainly hits home (laundry, food, etc.) Just know that YOUR support means the world to him and it is partners like you that make it possible for crazies like us to chase our goals and dreams.

    SO thank you being honest, being supportive and being you!!
    MilesMusclesMom recently posted..Chrissie Wellington-A Life Without Limits {2 chances to WIN & CHAT with her!)My Profile

    • karen says:

      awww. thanks – actually he does have alot of friends from afar that he should be thanking as well!

  5. adena says:

    First, LOVE the post and the honesty.
    Second, LOVE you and Jason, all together as a couple. Truly a relationship I admire and hope to have myself one day. If not, are you in for adopting an older child?? One older than you? How about adopted older sister??
    Third, can’t Jason do his own laundry?
    Fourth, do you have an iPhone cause if you do I can iMessage you a pic of the 6 foot high weeds in my backyard and I’m not training for an Ironman. No wait, you need to get WHATSAPP so we can hook up!
    Finally, I toooootally heart you and love when Jason lets you write.

    • karen says:

      1. thank you
      2. come on down
      3. Jason CAN do his own laundry but how would I wash my one set of clothes? BTW – I dont hang or fold so the basket gets quite high for weeks until he gets around to it
      4. I will get this APP ASAP..

      love you right back – and he doesnt let me write.. I have FULL admin priviliges!

  6. Donna says:

    What a great – and honest – post.

    Both my husband and I do triathlon, but our longest distance (his) is 70.3. We’ve talked about what it would take to do a full – the time, the commitment, getting the balance right – and I think we have agreed that we couldn’t do it without sacrificing what we already have too little of at the moment – which is time together.

    I really look forward to meeting you guys in Maine in August. Good luck with the next two weeks, then enjoy the recovery time before build number two starts!
    Donna recently posted..Cybher Meet & GreetMy Profile

  7. Jeff Irvin says:

    Aaaggghhhh … wrote this long assed post and the interwebz ate it. We’ll talk next week.
    Jeff Irvin recently posted..Ramblings …My Profile

  8. I sooo love the two of you together. I hope someday I can meet you both!!!!!
    Mamarunsbarefoot recently posted..It Will Be OkMy Profile

  9. lindsay says:

    i can’t imagine the training an IM takes, NOR the extra effort required of the spouse! as for the weeds – you’re just trying to help fight the pollution, right? :)
    lindsay recently posted..taking the plungeMy Profile

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